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"Wonderful!"! Wonderful! In this way, I am afraid that I will leave a deep impression in the heart of the big collar! I'm afraid he'll be faithful to me forever! Xiao Xiong thought happily in his heart. With a sneer in his heart, Li Xiao said to himself, "When Lao Tzu empties this mine, you can wait'till death do us part '!" "Whew-" Xiao Xiong couldn't wait to fly away. Li Xiao looked at the white sky outside the cave and was slightly stunned. At that moment, another terrible energy wave came from the distance, and then a purple figure holding hands with a man wearing a crown and a white dragon robe flew over. Li Xiao, come out and fight with me! Ji Cangqiong shouted at him. Li Xiao suddenly became silly. Not because of the challenge of Ji Cangqiong, but. With Li Xiao's understanding of Ji Cangqiong and his slightly awkward movements at this time-Nima, isn't this a chrysanthemum explosion? This Ji Cangqiong. You can really bend and stretch! "Ha ha ha, I didn't expect that Ji Cangqiong would become a'little sufferer '.". I, Li Xiao, have never admired anyone, but I have to admire your hobby! Li Xiao laughed and his voice resounded through the world. When the man in purple came, Li Xiao had the confidence to escape from the big collar, and naturally he no longer hid himself. Well, what a heroic and handsome man, Li Xiao, you really opened my eyes! Said the purple collar with a smile. As he spoke, he kept winking at Li Xiao, making Li Xiaolei almost tender inside and outside. All right, you go away for a while. Li Xiao said in a careless way. He just subconsciously scolded the purple collar, did not think that this man is most fond of men to give him pressure, was a slight bow,Coil Nail Making Machine, twisting the plump buttocks at the moment far away. Seeing this, Li Xiao almost spurted out a mouthful of blood. Looked at this person, and looked at a face of fire-breathing Ji sky, Li Xiao could not help laughing again. Enough laughing? You piece of shit! The same group of vitality, you are able to improve so much realm, it seems that I still think highly of you! Ji Cangqiong saw Li Xiao promoted five realms in one fell swoop, not only did not have the meaning of fear, but after a stupefied,wire nail making machine, involuntarily revealed the meaning of contempt. Faced with such a look, Li Xiao suddenly felt very funny. Rubbish? Ji Cangqiong, do you believe that I will stab you to death with one finger? Li Xiao joked. Unashamedly! Ji Cangqiong also sneered again and again, and his eyes were extremely sinister. To be continued. More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter 073 his name is Wan Ziyuan. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Updated: April 15, 2013 18:20:20 Number of words in this chapter: 5204 "If you're not boastful, try it again!" Li Xiao's face showed a cold smile, the whole person almost reached a state of outbreak! In this state, Li Xiao's whole body is burning, showing a unique charm. At the same time, Li Xiao also did not cover what, directly opened the fighting body, in the form of fighting body, to force Ji sky. Purple blood dragon fighting body, such as the arrival of the ancient wild dragon, let Li Xiao render all over in a blood-colored halo, iron nail machine ,Coil nail machine, that all over the ferocious spur, at this time is a unique ferocious and ferocious charm. Li Xiao felt the blood surging in the body, such as being burned, shining all over the sky, for the first time in such a realm of broken air to show the body of fighting, Li Xiao felt a great sense of joy. Strength is strong, as expected, it is a good time to really open the fighting body, because only when it is really strong, after the opening of the fighting body, will we deeply realize that the blood and talent of the mythical beast are powerful. This moment of Li Xiao, completely the purple big leader to be fascinated, Li Xiao everything, in his eyes, are so coquettish handsome, that melancholy but blazing eyes, that sob beard residue, are deeply betrayed Li Xiao, let the purple big leader feel that  another. Just because you want to suppress me?! Li Xiao sneered. Constantly give Ji Cangqiong a cruel big kill. To now such a situation, Li Xiao for Ji Cangqiong shot,Nail machine manufacturer, in addition to the battle body evolution did not take out and summon the God beast attack did not take out, the other is also all taken out, the Ji Cangqiong began to try to give a blow. 3shardware.com

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