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Yue Guan-the world of great struggle txt full edition fine collation edition Professional

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To that psychological vulture, and obviously to the uncle Sun Yaoguang has the meaning of admiration of Li Han, Qingji always carry a bit careful, although he is now working for the uncle Sun, Qingji also do not want to let him know his identity. For this reason, Uncle Sun Shaoguang secretly hated that he should not have chosen Li Han to escort him to Philadelphia, so that he had to cover up his brief contacts with Qingji to avoid his eyes and ears, but Qingji's building a city here to recruit troops and buy horses was a major event, and it was related to her lifelong interests, so she dared not neglect it, so she agreed. In the afternoon of the same day, the craftsmen of Flying Fox Valley learned that Yang Bin, the chief steward of Chengfu, had returned, and that Miss Sun and Li Hanli, the chief steward, had gone back to Philadelphia for a short stay. Without Li Han, who was too harsh and mean, many workers and craftsmen could not help but rejoice. Qingji walked around in the Flying Fox Valley and saw that a city had begun to take shape and would be basically completed in ten days and a half months. He felt happy in his heart. Many of the craftsmen and strongmen recruited this time were not local people. When they finished their work and got their wages, they had to go to other places. Qingji told Ying Tao and the dozen men, let them from these workers and craftsmen to find more qualified candidates, until the completion of the city, no family involved in the strong men can be recruited in the name of salt Ding,gold heap leaching, become his Philadelphia new army first team. At dusk, when the smoke rose again, Qingji remembered that the little cook had been complained by the workers during the day, and called for two blacksmith leaders and two stonemason leaders. Everyone sat together in the open space, writing and drawing on the sand with wooden sticks, and told them for a long time. Several craftsman leaders looked at each other and asked each other carefully about their doubts. Qingji answered one by one, and then several craftsman leaders stepped down. Qingji could see the heartfelt respect in their eyes and could not help smiling as if they had lost ground. Strange to say. Since he came to this era, he inherited the identity and mission of Qingji, and was originally dedicated to the restoration of the country. Busy is Machiavellian and state affairs,tin beneficiation plant, military affairs, but many systems and innovations involving state affairs and military affairs, he clearly has advanced information for thousands of years, but can not be applied. It's not just shocking. And the Great Leap Forward, which leapt over the course of history, did not actually help him at all. Even a saddle and stirrup have to be hidden, although the hereditary official family has many disadvantages. It can not be proposed to ban. On the contrary, he can put forward some trivial matters concerning people's livelihood, such as clothing, hygiene and food, without fear. Had it not been for the identity of Childe Qingji, he would have become a respected and famous craftsman with a rich income and a stable living environment. But if so, how can he be followed by such warm-blooded men as Ying Tao, Liang Huzi and Ah Qiu? How can you get Cheng Bi, uncle Sun Yaoguang such a beautiful child, the daughter of a rich and powerful family love? There are gains and losses, coltan ore processing ,magnetic separator machine, and life is never perfect. Mrs. Chengbi is not in Philadelphia at this time, the other day. Lady Cheng Bi was escorted by various stewards and hundreds of generals. After a while. Some rice powder has been pouring out from below. Qingji breathed a sigh of relief and exulted, "It's finally done." "Come on, connect the bag below, and sweep the flour into the bag from the other end of the channel with a broom.". The top, the top continues to inject beans, wheat grains.. When the craftsmen saw such a miracle,Carbon in Pulp, they couldn't help being greatly surprised. They all exclaimed, "The steward Yang is so clever that he can think of such a strange thing. The little man has been a stonemason all his life, but he has never thought of such a thing.". Really It's unimaginable. 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com