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Young Prime Minister (Book) Private

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"The imperial censor impeached the marriage of scholars and merchants proposed by the emperor's son-in-law, which was suspected of disturbing the court." Seeing Cui Shangde snorting, she could not help laughing, "Even if it disturbs the court, then I would like to ask Cui Yushi, is the well-being of the people at dawn important or the crime of disturbing the court?"? As the saying goes, the people are the most important, the monarch is the least important, and the state is the second. Don't you know that?! A word choked Cui Shangde speechless. After a while, he said reluctantly, "The marriage between scholars and merchants has never happened since ancient times. Isn't this a violation of the ancestral precepts?" Didn't Cui Yushi always emphasize saving the common people from fire and water? If your majesty watched helplessly as the common people in dire Straits, knowing that there is a law to be found but still do not lend a helping hand, how do you want your majesty to face the ancestors after a hundred years?! Will Cui Yushi bear the blame?! The light smile suddenly disappeared, and the solemn face was indescribably stern for a moment. Ling Chuyu knew that these supervisors were self-righteous, and what they valued most was not life and wealth, but the posthumous title after a hundred years. These clear streams are not bad, but they are a little too bad. Seeing that he wanted to argue but was at a loss for words, Ling Chuyu made persistent efforts and accomplished it at one go. "As for pretending to be sick, that's just an excuse for the outside world, in fact." Your Majesty's oral instructions, to XiaGuan private investigation of the case, cheap act. In order to investigate the case smoothly, Xiaguan said to the outside world that he was ill. How dare you! Li Junran glanced at Ling Chuyu,38 needle valve, but saw that she was chuckling at herself. See her face clear, skin such as congealed fat, eyes flow, for a moment can not help but think of that night, a hair pouring down. "Your Majesty." Cui Shangde looked at Li Junran with questioning eyes. If what the emperor's son-in-law said is true, isn't his impeachment really out of thin air? He could not help but be shocked, remembering that yesterday morning, someone had put a note on his desk,stainless steel needle valve, all of which were charges against his son-in-law. After a little investigation, he knew that everything was true, so he wrote a memorial of impeachment. Think of this, a tremor in the heart, the cold sweat on the forehead drops down. The righteousness just now disappeared in an instant. Uh Li Junran answered absentmindedly, staring at Ling Chuyu's beautiful and elegant face under the light and shadow. As for the wealth of millions.. Cui Yushi, as you know, Princess Yinghua is very popular with the late emperor, and the dowry given by the emperor is not a few. If Cui Yushi felt that the money was of unknown origin, he was afraid that if the late emperor heard these words, he would be unhappy in his heart, right? All the first emperor to carry out, let him Cui Yushi again iron bone clank, offend the first emperor holy face to see him is not dare. Biluo Palace was originally as rich as a country, the former owner of autumn sinking is a business owner, since she took over Biluo Palace, pipe fittings manufacturer ,12 needle valve, after a few years of development, financial resources rolling in, countless. A few days ago, when Chunning took the accounts to show her, looking at the astronomical figures, Ling Chuyu, who had seen the world, could not help but be shocked. Autumn sinks down to this God of wealth. He is really good at making money, but unfortunately he is not lucky. There is also the double-entry bookkeeping method with clear accounts, which is naturally the masterpiece of Princess Yinghua. Because Biluogong's industry has some modern business methods, especially in the chain effect and advertising promotion. Once when Princess Yinghua asked her whether these creative ideas were good or not, Ling Chuyu just smiled in the face of her eyes, which were as clear as autumn water. It seems that Princess Yinghua has long known that she has come through. However, since she did not point out, she naturally could not say more. See Ling Chuyu calmly speak out this reason, reasonable, without the slightest flaw. Cui Yushi also can not help some letter, finally he took a deep breath, seems to be very difficult to say, but eventually spit out the words in the throat, "then the outside world rumors that your majesty and son-in-law have unclean dye, how to say this?" When Ling Chuyu saw him blushing, he couldn't help laughing in the dark. She was not a little shy as a client, so why should he be so shy as a questioner? She could not help smiling and turned to look at Li Junran, but saw Li Junran's eyes staring at her face, eyes showing ferocious color, the corners of the mouth raised a sneer, "Cui Shangde, with your words, do you know  move for a long time, his back was stiff, he even a little hope was shattered. Yinghua is pregnant! So he's definitely a man?! After a while, Li Junran's pupils suddenly contracted, and the cold light in her eyes burst out, slowly,14 needle valve, slowly sweeping her beautiful face. The corners of the mouth like a sneer of mockery like haughty, a long time suddenly roared: "Get out!" "Get out of here, all of you!" Meet the queen mother by chance. chinaroke.com

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