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Yi Ruoxun-that woman's name is sweet Private

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"You are so kind to the servants that you spoil them to heaven!" She stayed where she was. "If you're embarrassed to teach yourself, let me do it!" "Qianqian, you." What do you want? Unfortunately, it was too late for him to stop it, and the loud slap rang crisply in the already frozen air. Then the woman's cry of pain and the sound of things falling to the ground shocked everyone present. Warm! Zhu Fengyi quickly picked up the scapegoat who had blocked the palm for her. Abominable smelly woman ah, unexpectedly the warm glasses were knocked off 0, how can you be so silly to let her hit it? "Who taught you to rush?" Kang Qianqian was also startled. Qianqian, you've gone too far! Warm palm moment, Hao Jinhan unexpectedly has a kind of indescribable heartache. He didn't care how strong he was, so he dragged people out of the kitchen. Jinbo, you're hurting me. Kang Qianqian shed tears of pain. "Are you crazy?"? To do this to me for a fat woman and an ugly woman? "Get out!" Ignoring the strange looks cast by the guests in the hall, he shouted, "An unreasonable woman like you is not welcome in the Hao family!" This sentence is actually scolded to my mother. Have you ever been so humiliated by Kang Qianqian? She also angrily scolded back: "Hao Jinbo, you want to get rid of me to say, why'borrow a knife to kill '?"? I Kang Qianqian is not the kind of woman who lets people play, you wait,euro plastic pallet, I will not let you feel better! "Then she shook her head and left." I'm sorry, something just happened. Only then did Hao Jinbo raise his voice and say to the guests, "Please be careful first, and the food will be served later.." He turned into the kitchen, and the cooks all took the dishes out in an interesting way, leaving only the warmth and mother sitting on the chair. General Manager Ming Jian! Look at what Miss Kang has done with the warmth. As soon as she touched her son's sullen look, Zhu Fengyi,plastic pallet bin, who had been the first to complain, immediately kept silent. I've driven him away. What are you not satisfied with? It is not the first time that his mother ran away with his girlfriend as a "servant". As a son, Hao Jinbo sighed helplessly, what else could he do? "General Manager, Aunt Zhu didn't mean it!" The warmth of the unknown is clear in one way. Does your face still hurt? Hao Jinbo, who had no intention of arguing with his mother, pulled up a chair and sat in front of him. "Oh, my God, her red and swollen cheeks pushed the frame sideways." I don't care. She quickly covered her face and turned her head sideways. "It's our fault. The general manager should get Miss Kang back quickly!" "I'm too lazy to chase a young lady like her." Just as he was about to get up and get something, Zhu Fengyi had already sent over the ice cubes and gauze. "You really know what I need." Aunt Zhu is'! ". Where! My son was not obedient when he was a child, and he was often beaten black and blue by me, plastic pallet manufacturer ,plastic bulk containers, so I know very well which method is the fastest way to reduce swelling.. Seeing him shoot a cold light again, Zhu Fengyi immediately slipped away, "I went out to help!" "I'll do it myself!" Warm just want to stretch out his hand, Hao Jinbo has taken off his glasses and put the gauze wrapped in ice on her painful cheek, "always.." "I want to thank you!" Thank her for the slap on her mother's face. Oh What do you mean? "Oh, I said'sorry '." That was close! Almost slipped away, "for Qianqian's vexatious." "It's hard for anyone to control his temper." After a warm pause, he added, "I'd like to ask my friend to send me two more new styles. Maybe Miss Kang will forgive our carelessness." "If she comes to me herself, otherwise I, Hao Jinbo, will never turn back." When he saw that the application was almost done, he put down the ice. "Don't worry about Qianqian any more. You'll have a good rest in the next two days. I'll make up for your  be a man with hormones to be taken in by you?" It was Cheng Yuhuan, who had just finished a meeting with supervisors at all levels, who suddenly interrupted. KRISTA!” Xia Chunjuan shouted in protest. Sweet,plastic pallet manufacturer, I thought you were after work! Cheng Yuhuan, dressed in a pink lotus root-colored silk dress, walks on air and looks very beautiful. cnplasticpallet.com

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