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Wechat group of the underworld: My husband is the keeper. Private

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If you are not good at learning, you can't see your destiny and fortune. Ning Huanxin's face is so strange! Gu Chen has been familiar with geomancy and physiognomy since childhood, but he has never seen or heard of such physiognomy. Mmm. Hearing Gu Chen's words, Ning Huanxin just smiled faintly: "Well,stainless tile trim, I won't embarrass you. In fact, my fate is very strange. I'm used to it. Well, let's read as soon as possible. Time is limited." But Gu Chen specially asked for leave to help Ning Huan, she did not want to waste the younger brother's heart. Ning Huanxin and Gu Chen concentrated on reading in the training room. At this time, in another courtyard of Gu's house, Linqiuhan was floating around in the courtyard. Gu Xiao had been in seclusion for two days and had not come out. Linqiuhan was a little worried, but she remembered that Gu Xiao told herself before he came out that he must not go in to disturb him, so Linqiuhanhad no choice but to wander in the courtyard. Just when Lin Qiuhan was thinking a lot,aluminum tile edge trim, the ban at the door of the training room suddenly dissipated! Almost at this moment, the whole soul of Lin Qiuhan rushed in quickly. At this time, Gu Xiao is still sitting in the training room, in front of him there is a small mahogany table, the table is full of spells! The cinnabar on it is not yet dry, and it is obvious that these spells have just been drawn! "Master!" Seeing that Gu Xiao's face was pale and tottering, Lin Qiuhan immediately solidified his body and rushed over. Are you crazy to draw so many spells at once? At this moment, Gu Xiao has obviously overdrawn his spiritual power. At the moment when Lin Qiuhan rushed over, Gu Xiao's whole body fell and fell into Lin Qiuhan's arms. Hello! What a mess ! If I don't come in, I'll see what you can do! Lin Qiuhan gnashed his teeth a little angrily, but did not see the peaceful face of Gu Xiao in his arms. He knew she would come. Similarly, at the moment of seeing her, his tense body relaxed, so he fainted. Faint at ease. Because, aluminum tile trim ,tile profile factory, in this world, he can trust people wholeheartedly, and she is one of them. At this time, Lin Qiuhan did not move, but quietly sat aside, let Gu Xiao lean on his arms, quiet like a child. She lowered her eyes, looked at the man in her arms, her lips moved, and for a moment, Linqiuhan almost lost control of herself and wanted to lower her head to kiss him.  Gu Xiao slowly opened his eyes, and there was a flash of light in the slender and charming Danfeng's eyes. The first moment he opened his eyes, he saw Lin Qiuhan's face, and Gu Xiao's eyes softened. Over the years, he seemed to have the habit of opening his eyes every day and facing either an empty room or the enchanting face of this female ghost. Master, do I look good? Gu Xiao remembered that when he first saw Lin Qiuhan, this female ghost in a sexy long skirt had a provocative posture. She likes to ask this sentence best. Do I look good? But Gu Xiao's answer was very indifferent. Not that bad. In his eyes, mother and sister are the most beautiful, as for other women are the same. That "not bad", let Lin Qiuhan for many years can not let go. Actually Gu Xiao's so-called good, is "very good-looking", unfortunately, few people can understand Gu Dashao's words. Because in the past,aluminium edge trim, in Gu Xiao's world, there were only good-looking and not good-looking. There is no concept of "good". Since Lin Qiuhan appeared, there was "not bad". jecatrims.com