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Two lives of joy-Qingfeng language Private

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The intensity of the recent work is too great. Shen Qiao:.. I was hit by too much impact at that time, so I accidentally hit it. Shen Yu, who had not spoken all the time,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, took one look at him: "The second brother has been busy preparing for the company since he came out. He is tired of being with me all day long. Where is the time to fall in love?" "He's only known this little girl for a few days, and that kind of love at first sight and goodbye can't happen to the second child, and he won't be inseparable after a few meetings, and it's not what he can do to steal a kiss and not recognize it." He leaned slightly and patted him on the head. "You're a big man. Take less care of men and women and put more thought into your work." Shen Qiao did not dare to speak, the bag on his forehead was still aching, and one by one he could not help wondering if he was dazzled,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, and his eyes unconsciously glanced at Shen Jin's car. Xia Yan had opened the car door and was waving goodbye to them, without any unnaturalness on his face. Shen Qiao also said goodbye to her through the windshield and drove away full of confusion. The car passed by Shen Jin's car and bent over to look at Shen Jin in wonder. Shen Jin saw the look in his eyes, and his words followed in his mind, and he glanced at Xia Yan unconsciously. Xia Yan was sitting upright in his seat, with his back straight and his eyes not squinting. The long bangs pinned behind his ears exposed the red part of his forehead, which was particularly striking on his white skin. Shen Jin started the car slowly. "Why did Miss Xia just hit the door?" Xia Yan brushed his hair uncomfortably: "I was walking and looking at my cell phone, and I accidentally bumped into it." Shen Jin said: "Be careful next time." Xia Yan "um" sound, did not speak again, Shen Jin also did not speak again, drive seriously. Xia Yan has always kept his back straight and his eyes not squinting, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, and the calm on his face presses the embarrassment and confusion rolling in his heart. Shen Qiao said, "What are you pretending to be serious? When you steal a kiss from Xia Yan in the afternoon." Xia Yan took one look at her, some hidden bitterness, "Mom." Why did you let him in the middle of the night last night? "It was he who suddenly broke in, and suddenly he said he wanted to find Xia Yan, so he went around me and broke in, and he couldn't stop him." Xu Jiayu complained and looked up at her with some confusion. "When did you and Mr. Shen develop so fast?" Xia Yan: ".." It's a little unreasonable. She can remember all the process and mood, but she does not know why, at that time she was completely unprepared for Shen Jin, and even had a kind of. A sense of worship. He gave her back every word she had said to him, and then she was delighted that his ideas coincided with hers and signed a contract with him. The contract is still heavy in the bag. Xia Yan's mind was a little confused. The way he looked at her when he suddenly broke in last night, the way he called her Xia Yan, and the child who asked her were clearly the Shen Jin she knew. Xia Yan still remembered that he was staring at her eyes,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, the kind of mixed feelings of joy and pain, want to be sure but dare not be sure, that she had never seen in Shen Jin's eyes. The way he looked at her. It gave her the illusion that she had got it back. sxthsteel.com