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The upper berth vomits blood from the lower berth every day. Private

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"Seven Realms" is a school mansion, but only the top 100 schools in each service have the right to own the mansion, while the "F710" established by three people in the dormitory is only three people, but it still makes the school bigger, ranking 88 in the game, Wang Xiaotian then sat in a light car slowly past, and found a magnificent house with a plaque of "F710". He squatted down at the door and did not go. Bow your head and do the exercises to see who can consume who. This man has been squatting at the gate of our school for two days. What about being a watchdog? It was the fat man who first discovered Wang Xiaotian. Wang Xiaotian, who was doing exercises, came to his senses and stared at the screen while pretending to hold a pencil in his hand. Sure enough, he saw a cute little fox spirit with hairy ears on his head and nine tails behind him standing in front of him. The cute little fox spirit has four words "Oriental Pig" on his head. He looks only seven or eight years old. He is a boy. Wang Xiaotian wants to vomit the heart to have, this dead fat man actually pinched a Zhengtai to come out, but also so cute, what to install? Beautiful girls with big breasts are facing each other. Xiao Yuheng did not respond, Qunxiong Island as a separate gathering place for sects, every day there are one or two people standing outside their house, nothing to care about. Listen to a fat person to say again only: "0 class, should not be that trumpet that monitor you said the day before yesterday?" Then Hsiao Yu-heng turned to look at him: "Level 0 trumpet?"? Is it a female fairy with big breasts? "Mmm." The fat man checked Wang Xiaotian's message and laughed: "Pinch your chest so big,plastic laminated tube, either a flat-chested girl or a wretched man." "Pow!" Wang Xiaotian, a wretched man, broke the pencil in his hand. At this time, a smoky figure appeared on the screen, and Wang Xiaotian's eyes lit up, hurriedly holding the broken pencil and tapping the keyboard: Han Xuetian: "Dear Master ~ Whoo/ (o)/~ ~" "Uh.." Fatty and Xiao Yuheng exclaimed at the same time: "It's so sweet." One side of Duan Ce heard the two of them say such words in unison,polyfoil tube, can not help but feel interesting, so also appeared in front of Wang Xiaotian, it is a monk wearing a holy white cassock, although the head is smooth, but the facial features are handsome. ID: Master Miaomiao. Wang Xiaotian, sitting on the upper berth, endured a strong sense of shame and held the pencil to speak again: "Dear Master, don't want someone else. Whoo/ (o)/~ ~" What's wrong with me? Disgusting, both of you! Wang Xiaotian gave up on himself. Wow, monitor, where did you pick up such an excellent product? Fatty is pointing to the big bosom beautiful girl that Wang Xiaotian pinches, tone is firm: "Male!"! It must be a man! "It means picking your feet behind the screen!" “……” Wang Xiaotian, cosmetic tube packaging ,plastic packing tube, sitting cross-legged on the upper berth, silently moved his hands away from his feet. Isn't that kind of cute? Duan Ce laughed cheerfully and said, "I think it may be a girl. Those who play the role of a shemale now are not so inferior. They all know how to pretend. This one either doesn't know how to pretend, or it's just like this." "In reality, if a woman talks like that, I can slap her in the face." The fat man said jokingly, firmly believing in his own opinion: "It must be a shemale. I've been playing games for so many years. I can see whether it's a man or a woman behind the screen at once." Wang Xiaotian looked down at the back of the fat man and snorted in his heart, unable to see that the fat man was quite fierce. I just don't know what Xiao Yuheng thinks. Wang Xiaotian then looked at Xiao Yuheng, who was leaning against his swivel chair, staring at the  bowed his head and scribbled a few words on the exercise book, pretending not to hear. Wang Xiaotian likes to wear headphones while listening to music while reading and doing exercises,pump tube, often can not hear them speak, three people are used to, and then Duan Ce lowered his voice to ask Xiao Yuheng: "How can it be Xiaotian?" 。 emptycosmetictubes.com

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