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The Twilight Saga-Dawn (All). Private

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I blushed with embarrassment and imagined the severity of my hair. = _ = I haven't washed my hair for three days. I've never had so much fun shopping in my life. Alice wired a large sum of money into Alan's account, followed by several zeros. We found a comfortable hotel, I took a shower at random, and immediately pulled Alan out (a certain: you can pull a vampire newborn? Some color: He is willing to be pulled by me, can you manage? From a helpless look at the sky: Allen Jun ah … … Sooner or later, this guy will be spoiled by you. In a man's clothing store. I never thought a person would look so good in a suit. You know, I always like sports. Besides, Alan has never worn a suit in front of me. What's the matter? Alan tugged at the collar of his suit, his fingers strong and slender, and looked at me in a daze and asked, "This is the third suit I've changed. Doesn't it look good?" "No.." It's so beautiful! You look too good! I was so mad that I pulled him in front of the mirror. In the mirror, he has been able to see the dazzling degree. He was dressed in an off-white suit with a very suitable and close-fitting cut, which made his already tall and perfect figure more angular and powerful. He could no longer use the usual words of praise, such as "inverted triangle body and slender legs", which were now insulting to Alan. You are so princely. I said dejectedly. Prince Alan looked at me inexplicably with a white face. "Is that an adjective?" Alas. Compared with him, I didn't even have the capital to be a maid. I hung my head and stopped looking at myself hiding behind Alan in the mirror. I look like a bit of a killjoy. "Oh, that's a language defect." I'm going to answer Alan's question perfunctorily. "At least I'm Chinese. It's normal to speak English with language defects." "The prince." He looked at himself thoughtfully in the mirror and then turned to me with a dazzling smile. "The prince will marry Cinderella, won't he?" I'm Cinderella? # = _ = # I blushed again. How many times have I blushed since I woke up? "Alan, can you stop the blood circulation in my face so fast?" I watched him say the word'marry 'without blushing and beating his heart, and I went crazy. Li: He is a vampire. Of course,akba boswellic acid, his face is not red and his heart is not beating. "Hm?"? What's the matter with facial blood circulation? He looked at me innocently, then stared at my face and approached me. "What's wrong with my face?" In an instant, I bounced off in front of him and wiped my sweat. Others died of cerebral hemorrhage. If I go on like this, my face will bleed! Is Alan's character like this? Why does his innocent smile look a little. Scheming? (Some from the fan: I just let him flirt with a good woman to enliven the atmosphere ~ Cairuo: If you run out to me again, I will fly you!) "So which one should I buy?" Alan ignored my expression and looked at the N suits in his hands, his eyes half open and he didn't know which one to choose. His shirt collar was pulled open by him dishonestly, showing his elegant, slender and boyish neck, and his collarbone was sexy in the gentle light. Whole I snatched it from his hand and stopped looking at him. If I go on like this, I will be in trouble! I ran to the counter, turmeric extract powder ,pumpkin seed extract, threw my clothes on it and shouted at the waitress, "Check out!" "Yes, yes." She was startled by my momentum. "All of it?" "Yes." It was Alan who  "Whether I will take you to find Bella, will try to prevent Aro from finding you, or will put you first, there is only one reason." "Say it." I said stupidly. I was elated, my face must be red again,rosmarinic acid supplement, and I couldn't wait to hear him tell me. "I like you." He said Should this also be shown by action? He looked at my red face and said with a bad smile, then released me and pressed my lips. [Allen Perspective] Response "Ha.." I let go of Cairuo, and she gasped loudly. She blushed like a ripe strawberry and looked delicious. prius-biotech.com

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