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The state refuses to protect me. Professional

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There was silence in the living room, and none of the three men spoke. Also do not know how long, Hu Xiao just sighed gently, "the king she finally waited." The small Qingxi in the Western Hills, the peach trees, and the whine of the jade pendant buried in the dust.. Bai Shuyan is not the ing lot, she suddenly laughed and pointed her finger between his slightly frowning eyebrows. The cold touch of his fingertips stunned him for a moment, and then he pursed his lips, subconsciously avoiding her eyes, which were filled with light water,Agate Slabs For Sale, and quickened his pace. Sitting in the car, she soon fell asleep, and Xie Mingche did not disturb her, driving quietly all the way without making any noise. After entering the password, Xie Mingche opened the door of the apartment, walked into the entrance with his back, and reached out to open the wall lamp of the entrance. After changing his shoes, he turned on the living room light again. Perhaps because the light in the living room was very bright,Calacatta Nano Glass, he was stabbed, his eyelids moved, and he woke up again. Xie Mingche heard her hum and put her on the sofa. At this moment, her face has been stained with abnormal crimson, her eyes are still stained with a vapor, the whole person looks dull. Xithe top of her black and soft hair, and the light and shadow in her eyes sank slightly. In the face of her, he was far more uneasy than he had imagined. He used to be a person who had nothing, White Marble Mosaic ,Agate Slabs Countertops, so he never expected anything from others, nor was he always influenced by superficial emotions. And once he starts to have it, he can't help but be greedy, uneasy, and even a little afraid. Everyone is used to his indifference, but they don't know that he still has a humble cowardice in his heart. After drinking, he did not cry or make trouble, but sat on the sofa in a daze, with his round eyes open, looking at him for a moment. But Xie Mingche always could not stand her such straightforward gaze, so the auricle was slightly red, he suddenly stood up and went directly to the bathroom. When he came out with a hot towel, he was still sitting on the sofa, motionless. Xie Mingche went over and sat down beside her. Then he lowered his voice and said, "Shall I wipe your face?" He blinked his elittle dull. After Xie Mingche went out of the bathroom, he stayed inside for two hours before he came out. I don't know how she did it, but her hair was wet behind her shoulders,pietra gray marble, and the water on her face was not wiped clean. ……” Xie Mingche had to bring another towel to wipe her face and her hair. Finally, when I blew her hair in her room, her little head yawned a little bit. Sleepy? Xie Mingche turned off the hair dryer and rubbed her soft hair. Uh He answered honestly. Xie Mingche tidied up the hair dryer and touched her head. "Then go to sleep." 。 forustone.com