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The reborn imperial concubine from the throne Professional

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It was the first time she had traveled far. Before she was reborn, she was curious about the outside world, but she had been trapped in the capital. She grew up and married regularly, so she missed a lot of scenery. She didn't know that she had met very few people and things until she die bar, wearing square towel, saw the person that came to only raise next, waited until two people walked in, just put on smiling face, way: "Stay or have a meal?" "Hotel,PET blowing machine, how do you treat every room?" "Lower class rooms, breakfast and dinner are vegetarian dishes, medium rooms, breakfast and dinner are vegetarian, lunch is meat dishes, there are playing and singing programs in the evening, first-class rooms are not only three meals are meat, you can see the play." "Two medium rooms for one day," said Zhiyuan. "Yes,water bottle packaging machine, two medium rooms. Your name and place of origin, please.". I'll register on the book. Ning Yu made up two names and native places at random for the boss to record, "three yuan and eight cents for each person, and one yuan and eight cents for the other." The shopkeeper took two bunches of keys from the wall and handed them to Ning Yu and Zhi yuan: "No.4 and No.8 on the second floor.". The waiter will bring you the dishes later, and you can wait in the room. Inside the guest room was a large, dark, carved bed, hung with a goose-yellow curtain, and the cloth was rough, but after a day's fatigue, Ning Yu could not care so much. As soon as she entered the room, she fell down on the bed and rested. In a daze, listening to someone outside to deliver food, he got up and opened the door to let him in. Because she was dressed in men's clothes, the young man thought she was a young man and said flatteringly, "Young man, there are girls who can sing in our shop. If you want to listen, you can go to the first floor to listen." "I know, PET blow moulding machine ,water bottling line, you can go out." When the waiter came out, she had a meal. Seeing that it was late outside, she wanted to rest, but before going to bed, she had to go to see Zhiyuan and discuss tomorrow's itinerary. But after knocking on the door for a long time, there was no reply from the source. Then an attendant came out of the opposite room and said, "Little, no, Master. The Second Master has gone down to listen to the music." Ning Yu went downstairs and saw a stage at the end of the first floor. Someone was performing a play on the stage, and a dozen or so spectators were sitting below. Then she weerson to reward what is the name of the person..." Jade. What jade? "Ning Yu,CSD filling line, Zeng Ning Yu." The man on the horse said in a loud voice, "The man said she likes to dress up in men's clothes, so we only catch men for questioning." Her heart missed a beat. What kind of person offered a price to reward himself? Chapter 66. gzxilinear.com

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