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The princess who pretends to be stupid is lovable. Professional

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Alas, they still can't guess the seventh Master's psychology. Ran Ran they did not come up with the answer, helpless, in the outside and stroll around, back to the inn. At dinner time, Ran Ran didn't eat a few mouthfuls and went to feed Su Su. Later, she and Qi Tianche forgot aboubear to wake him up, first while not awake, point his sleeping hole, and then get up. Qi Tianche's alertness is actually very high, but no matter how high his alertness is, he will not guard against the people in his arms. So without realizing it, he was hit by Ran Ran. After getting out of bed, Ran Ran put on his skin,ultrasonic dispersion machine, fearing that it would be too cold downstairs after nightfall, and put on a cloak before going downstairs. At the top of the stairs, Ran Ran was stunned. "Seventh Master?" Afraid to wake up the other guests, she asked in a low voice, but the seventh master downstairs heard it. He turned to look at Ran Ran at the top of the stairs on the second floor. "Why did Miss Qiao appear?" Instead of asking, "Why didn't you sleep?" He said, "Why did you show up?" It sounded a little strange. But Ran Ran didn't notice it because he was surprised. She hurried downstairs and explained to him, "I'm hungry." Why hasn't the seventh Master slept yet? "I came out to look in the mirror." “…… Uh The seventh Master calmly hooked his lips and said in a particularly calm voice,ultrasonic dispersion machine, "I'm more handsome in the moonlight." “……” Ran Ran was frightened to shake, almost hit the table, hurriedly hold one side of the chair, "by the moonlight, seven Ye's face is more thick." They often played such jokes, and she waited for the seventh master to answer back. Tame the Bad Lord Chapter 939: The Oner did not seem to feel that her idea was wrong, and it was very likely that she would tell Seventh Master the truth directly! Thinking of this possibility, Ran Ran's heart tightened for a while, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, but his face still pretended to be very natural and reported the old answer, "scold me." With these words, she turned around and made a gesture to go to the kitchen to find something to eat. But just half of the turn, ran suddenly froze, looking down at himself with cold hiss Jo, sit with me for a while." Ran Ran immediately pulled out the chair and sat down, hesitated for a moment, or chose not to speak quietly, trying to make the seventh master quiet for a while. ButMaster. The more I can't think of the answer, the more anxious I am. Staring at her face for a moment,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, the seventh master calmly reported the answer, "I just invented a method of pressing acupoints, so I took Miss Qiao to test it." “……” Test.. fycgsonic.com

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