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The male God has ignited Private

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Peach Blossom still: "… …" Bold obstinate people: "… …" Cheat the ghost! Chu Zheng thought they were always annoyed, so he simply stated the task directly. I can get out of the village at zero level because I have a pass given by the task. It's not a bug! She's really a normal player. "Zhang Tianzhu?" Said the bold and obstinate man? He's on a mission, but isn't he looking for his grandson? And it's a task after level ten. Zero level can't get the task from him at all, talk to him,ceramic bobbin heater, talk to him later, he will say you can't, let you go to another level. How did you take the task? Several people looked at Chu Zheng at the same time. It's not normal for level zero to receive level ten tasks! You are a bug! Chu Zheng: ".." It's all my fault that my mouth is cheap, and I said I'm looking for your uncle. But can it be said? Shame on you! "How do I know?" "I can't complain now," said Chu Zheng with a straight face. People: "… …" Miserable. The trumpet has no human rights. There are a lot of strange settings in this game,steatite c221, maybe you accidentally triggered something. "But your task is really difficult," said Pineapple Snow Blower. If this is a novice task, it is absolutely hell mode. Chu Zheng feels the same way. Yes, it is! God likes to lay hands on weak and helpless little people like me. Bold obstinate people: "How did you get here directly just now?" They only saw the first Zheng poking the driver. And then it popped up. But what's the content? They can't see. Rich "Give the money and you can send it," said Chu Zheng. People: "??" What the hell? Did they open it the wrong way? Did they play games for so long in vain? The atmosphere suddenly quieted down eerily. How to get up there? Chu Zheng broke the eerie silence. The bold obstinate person rank is highest, he suppresses the doubt: "I lead the way, the pineapple is postponed, you walk in the middle." Peach Blossom still: "Little sister, I am very powerful, Ceramic Band Heater ,alumina c799, I protect you closely!" When Chu Zheng looked at her, the peach blossom still clenched her fist and her face was firm. The peach blossom level is still really high, the equipment is also good, otherwise the first Zheng will not pass. She did not speak and followed the bold and obstinate people to the snow mountain. There are all kinds of wild monsters under the snow mountain. If you want to go up, you must clear a way. But the first Zheng zero grade crisp skin, is affected casually to have to die. The four men were silent around Chu Zheng, who was lying on the ground. Pineapple Snow Blower: "That little sister … …" You first point resurrection, and then teleport, we will wait for you in the transport array. Chu Zheng: ".." The picking process is very slow, and a fruit takes a full minute. Are you ready? Bold and obstinate people roar on the other side. Not yet Peach Blossom still looked at Chu Zheng: "Little sister, how many did you pick?" "Four." Peach Blossom still immediately shouted over there: "There are six, you hold on!" " "My grass!" There was an angry curse over there, and the voice was too noisy. I don't know who scolded him. Rumble Chu Zheng and Peach Blossom still heard the sound at the same time. It's like something running down the hill. Shit! "How did it come?" Pineapple blowing snow there sounded one after another angry curses. Peach blossom still ran over to have a look and found that OSS, who should have been on the other side, ran over and joined the battle. Level 30 bosses, for them, should not be difficult to deal with. But I don't know why,ceramic igniter electrodes, these two bosses are like hanging up, and the blood bar thickens a lot. Chapter 1355 Koi Player (9). Chu Zheng finished picking the last Jasper fruit. On the other side, Pineapple Blowing Snow is fighting with two bosses. global-ceramics.com