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The ghost gentleman lingers around the soft fingers. Private

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Rong family obviously do not want to tell Liu Zihao Rong Qi, so take me as a cover, I do not care, let Liu Zihao so misunderstood. Seeing that my answer was so perfunctory, Liu Zihao's eyes sank. But soon, he regained his gentle expression. Shallow, you don't have to be so defensive. I just care about you. Liu Zihao spoke at the same time, but also to grasp my hand. I suddenly felt sick. I quickly tried to pull out my hand,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, but before I could, it suddenly became cold. Ah The next second, Liu Zihao sent out a heart-rending scream. Startled, I looked up and saw a huge cut on Liu Zihao's arm. The wound was deep enough to see the bone, and the blood dyed his shirt red in an instant. As soon as my heart tightened, I quickly turned my head sideways and saw that Rong Qi did not know when to come back and was standing aside, looking coldly at Liu Zihao. A black robe evil charm matchless, but the whole body reveals the cold breath,endless swim spa, as if it can suffocate people. Liu Zihao can not see Rong Qi, at this time inexplicably seriously injured, scared the soul to be gone. Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts in this house! Shuqian, don't you exorcise ghosts? You catch him quickly! Liu Zihao shouted at me in a panic. I sat on the bed and didn't move. Liu Zihao saw that I did not respond, immediately did not count on me, stumbled out of the door.  In the middle of my speech, there was a sudden pain in my jaw, and my face was forced up and turned to the side of the bed. Rong Qi's cold handsome face is close at hand. Chapter 20 (automatically generated by the system to facilitate reading records) "Shallow, I don't want to care about the past, whirlpool hot tub spa ,whirlpool hot tub, but remember one thing." Rong Qi's voice was cold. "Now that you are my wife, don't be confused with other men." "I wasn't confused with another man, he just shook my hand —" "Just shook hands?" Rong Qi sneered, his tone was thin and angry, and his hand pinched my chin harder, "Oh, Shallow, do you want anything else?" Faced with my fierce struggle, Rong Qi finally stopped. I looked up trembling and found that he was staring at me, his black eyes burning with anger, and his tense handsome man seemed to be enduring something. The next second, his hand covered my neck, but this time, instead of touching, he grabbed my throat. He didn't exert himself, but the cold touch still made me tremble with fear. Shallow, I don't like people touching my things. Rong Qi's face was expressionless,hot tub manufacturers, with a hint of threat and warning in his tone, "so you should take care of yourself." I don't like people touching my stuff. My body suddenly froze. Looking at Rong Qi's eyes without temperature, I suddenly understood. monalisa.com