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The 19th Private

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What are you thinking about? Zhong Heng shook his head: "Nothing." Xu Wei guessed that he hadn't come to his senses yet. She smiled and went around to the cab and sat in. "I'll drive. I'm afraid you'll hit a tree." Zhong Heng sat on the copilot very obediently. On the way back, the mood has been different from when they came, they did not speak, Zhong Heng has been looking out of the window,Magnesium Oxide powder, suddenly bowed his head and took out his mobile phone to send a message in a small group. A few seconds later, Zhao Ze's head came out: "***!" Immediately after, the bottom followed by a slip of "lying trough". Unfortunately, the neat formation was soon destroyed by Lin You: "***, my Xu Xiaoniu!" Zhong Heng smiled at the screen like a wet dream, and his fingers slowly tapped out a few words: "It was mine early." The author has something to say: I feel that the text may be finished in the evening. Chapter 45. On this trip back,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, Xu Wei did not take a shortcut and took the main road. The bus passes the old campus of No.1 Middle School. The school gate of No.1 Middle School is still the same as before, a strange trouser shape, but half of the teaching buildings in the campus have been demolished, and the century-old tree in front of the library has been dug up and moved to nowhere.  Lin You was one of them. She not only cut her own skirt, but also cut Xu Wei's skirt, which was euphemistically called "self-liberation". As a result, they were surrounded by the whole class in the morning exercise that day. As soon as the morning exercise was over, they were called to the office by the head teacher and scolded. Of course, Magnesium Sulphate price ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, some people's youth will not be delayed by ugly school uniforms, such as Zhong Heng. He looks beautiful in a sack. When Xu Wei recalled, Zhong Heng was still being questioned by everyone in the group. Zhao cursed him for not being a brother and not giving advance notice of such a big event. Zhong Heng smiled back in a good mood. Driving to the intersection, Xu Wei found a place to park near the supermarket. They bought vegetables by the way. Back to the car, Zhong Heng said to Xu Wei, "Wait for me here for a while."    He was hunched over, his white shirt slightly taut. Xu Wei looked at his buttocks and gradually became distracted. Zhong Heng wiped the table, straightened up, and looked back at Xu Wei's line of sight. He did not move, Xu Wei had gone over and put him on the table. Zhong Heng looked at her: "Xu Wei." "Mmm." Are you drunk? "Yes." Xu Wei is also very clear about this. The temperature of her face rose again and again,Magnesium Oxide price, and when her whole head was hot, she stopped thinking and raised her hand to unbutton Zhong Heng's shirt. Aren't you hot? She lowered her voice and moved slowly until she was a little anxious to solve the third one, and quickly solved the rest. Zhong Heng's chest is in front of her. stargrace-magnesite.com