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Swaying like water Private

1 month ago Multimedia San Francisco   28 views

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Sad in your deadly youth, you said to me: holding the thin line in the wind, watching the kite flying in the air of their own attachment. Nuannuan, you know, two years later, I have begun to fantasize and look forward to it. I am looking forward to this cold autumn. To hold your hand in my favorite garden, Look at the kite flying lonely in the empty sky. Look at the people who have nothing to do with us in this quiet garden. Quietly live, quietly look forward to, quietly past, quietly leave; I look forward to your ostentatious introduction to me in a tone of childlike pride. Friends and enemies; I want to blend in, I want to blend in with you in this quiet and sacred atmosphere. Two years ago this season, you didn't show up for my 7:00 appointment. Now, two years later, I want to see you walk towards me with a smile in the playground and give me your hand with a smile to make up for my thousand years of waiting. I put down Ren Han's letter and stood in front of the window for a long time. (51) On Thursday night, I still didn't go to Ren Han's appointment. Ying took my letter to see Ren Han. Two years ago, when you were waiting for me quietly in the playground, Cheng Hao held my hand and said he was willing to give me a lifetime of warmth. I always find that I don't deserve to be loved so deeply by others. Cheng Hao and I met, and then together, but only love without commitment. For three years, I didn't even know he had a girlfriend. In this game of three people, I couldn't find the right place. Even though he once said he loved me. In that lively spring, I finally exhausted all my feelings. I finally have nothing. And you should be a clean boy, and love should be perfect and pure. I lost my faith in love. When I got up one morning, I suddenly realized that I had completely abandoned love. The girl who was 15 or 16 years old insisted on marrying a man who loved each other at the age of 25. Then the girl died, on a sunny spring day. The body on the surface is still very happy, love to eat ice cream, love to eat cotton candy. Girls who like cotton candy have no love. Now she doesn't need love, she just needs companionship. I need someone to hold me tight in my arms, so tight that I feel suffocated, and then I feel my own sinking when I breathe quickly. A person's sinking, lonely and desperate, but, can not escape. Even when two people are together, they still feel lonely. In this air without Cheng Hao, I still smell his stubbornness. My life has been engraved with the traces of expiration. I like to smile at you, because at that time I thought I was as happy as you, because I think only when I smile, the dark corners of my heart can be well concealed. Yes, what you see is the happy and complaining side of me all the time. I tell you that I am very happy today, collapsible pallet box ,collapsible pallet bin, because the sunshine is very good and my hair is dancing. What I didn't tell you is that the sunshine is very good, but it still doesn't shine on the loneliest corner of my heart. I tell you that I am very tired today, and I don't want to read after a day of reading. What I don't tell you is that I have lost my love for life. No matter what, I will not love. I like to depend on you, just like a person who lacks oxygen has a great desire for oxygen. I want to stay by your side quietly, like this, do not need love, do not need passion, what also does not need, as long as with you together good. I envy these simple and substantial pleasures. My heart hurts when I think of Cheng Hao. I love him as much as I love myself. This is a boy hiding in the depths of my heart, I do not want to face his attachment, but I still hurt myself. A lot of things are always seen clearly later, but I can't find the way I came. A lot of things didn't feel bitter at all at that time. Even if it was bitter, I didn't care. I think I haven't walked happily in the  graduate school after finishing the book, but after four years, the initial insistence has been shaky, coupled with the matter of Cheng Hao,plastic pallet price, I just want to leave this school as soon as possible. Perhaps, after work will be another new heaven and earth, right? I thought innocently. binpallet.com