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Suspense reasoning "Enemies meet happily Professional

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At the beginning, the man of the Lu family maintained a basic respect for his wife. When he learned that she was pregnant with a boy, the Lu family was very happy. Before the child was a few months old, a big banquet was set up. Who knows, on the day of the birth, the baby was a woman. The doctor said that there was an accident when the B-mode ultrasound was taken. The man of the Lu family only felt that he had lost face and left on the spot, regardless of his wife in bed. The girl in the east watched her husband leave, and in the next bed, the girl's husband heard that his wife had a miscarriage, comforted and worried, very distressed. The girl lying in the hospital bed suddenly felt a little cold. Not long after that, the girl was pregnant again. As a result, this time it was a girl. People in the village began to laugh at the man, saying that he had made such a big fight, but not a boy was born, it must be his ability is not good. How can a red-blooded man stand such an insult? Instead of venting his anger, he could only go home and get angry with his wife, who was pregnant and suffered his first domestic violence. At that time, her mother-in-law was also worried about how the daughter-in-law could not give birth to a son. Seeing that the son was teaching his wife a lesson,long span shelving, she turned a blind eye. However, there were only zero and ten thousand times of domestic violence, and soon the girl lived a life of deep suffering. She not only wants to keep her children, but also cooks every day to please her husband and mother-in-law. The second child was born, but her situation did not change at all. She regretted that she had only seen the appearance and married him rashly. It was in the fifth year that the girl got the news that her father and mother were critically ill. She wanted to ask her husband's permission to go back to see her parents, but all she got was a beating. You disgraceful brute! Who do you think did this to you?! The girl could no longer bear the grievance, and immediately secretly took her eldest daughter,Pallet rack upright, ready to escape. However, she soon found that her youngest daughter's household registration was registered with her husband. Before she left, she took a look at her little daughter and left tears of reluctance. She thought that such a small child would not have no sympathy at all. Thinking so, she walked away without looking back. With a child out, that period of time, it is too difficult, the child to go to school, she can not find a suitable job, that year, she wanted to commit suicide with the child several times. But when she saw that it was someone else's child, she was suddenly reluctant to part with it. You can't do this.. She gritted her teeth and insisted, but the last straw that broke the camel's back was that the child suddenly had a high fever. At that time, weak to the extreme, Warehouse storage racks ,heavy duty warehouse rack, she was ready to commit suicide by turning on the gas at home, but at this time, the child's condition was discovered by the aunt next door. As soon as Women's Day arrived, Loujian followed Jing Yiwei into their home, but heard that they only planned to go for three days. Jing Yiwei said while picking up food for him: "Two nights is OK." When Lou Jian told Lu Shu to go to his classmate's house, Lou Ershu said with a smile, "Let's go to Jing Wei's house." Just as Lou Jian was about to speak, Lu Shu said, "Jing Wei's child is quite good." Lou Jian nodded and smiled. "Yes, Jing Wei is pretty good." The building two uncles are innocent: "I have not said that he is not good,Pallet rack beams, I also thought that is quite good." Lou Jian, with the expectations of the two adults, entered Jing Yiwei's home with peace of mind. omracking.comod

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