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Stunning goblins in ancient times Professional

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"You.." As soon as I said the word "you", Ji Rufeng was already outside the door. I was so angry. It was too much. It was impossible to keep me here. Chapter 25 Updated: 2009-10-30 7:51:37 Words in this Chapter: 1765 The next day, Ziyang called me up very early. I was so tired that I didn't remember much about it. Ziyang, it's not bright yet. Why do you pull me up so early? I was reallt he couldn't help it. He asked angrily, "Ji Rufeng, don't go too far. When do you let me practice now? You want to kill me." In fact, it is not so exaggerated, just to see him a leisurely look, can not be angry. In the past, I often got up to read at this time at home. I was quiet in the morning, had a good memory and was easy to remember things. Later, I kept this habit, but after being with Ji Rufeng, not only people changed,Slate Wall Panel, but also the schedule changed. It is true that those who are close to the ink are been waiting in the training room all morning. You're the only one left. Let's go. Ji Rufeng's face has a faint smile, has not been found, in fact, Ji Rufeng smile is really charming, very sunny, very warm feeling. Originally a very good-looking person, why do you always have a calm face when you have nothing to do? How nice it is to smile. I really don't understand him. This training room is really big,Calacatta Quartz Slab, and I think it's no problem for more than fifty people to practice together. I saw the dancers lined up and counted ten people in total. They saluted in unison, "Prince Jinkang." Ji Rufeng waved his hand and they stood up. I looked at them carefully. They were all over thirty years old, and their bodies were slightly fat. On the waist, all tied a very strange waist fly, two small bells, hanging in the tail of the look first. Then Ji Rufeng clapped his hands and the music sounded. I looked at the musicians over there, and I felt they were good, and the music was very spiritual. Dancers lined up in two rows, all half crouching, white marble mosaic ,Carrara Marble Slab, knees open, heels facing each otherress, what their music was like and so on. They understand very quickly, and after a while, they can pop up the feeling I want. Chapter 26 Updated: 2009-10-30 7:51:56 Words in this Chapter: 1339 Music sounded again, I walked to the middle, sleeves dancing, slightly leaning, eyes flowing, feet gently raiormal. I didn't push him for a moment, nor did I hug him. I stood there in a daze, at a loss. You are very beautiful, just now you are like a fairy, do not eat fireworks, do not dye fine dust, sleeves flying,Stone Honeycomb Panel, feeling as if you want to leave. With that, Ji Rufeng hugged each other more tightly, so tightly that he could hear each other's heartbeat. forustone.com

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