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Sick pet Private

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"Good." Jian Zhengyang happily picked up the rabbit and walked to the bedroom. Wait, turn off the lights. The light in the living room hasn't been turned off yet. Oh. Turning off the light and being carried by Jian Zhengyang to the bedroom, I felt like the bridegroom carrying the bride into the bridal chamber. The rabbit blushed a little and his heart beat a little irregularly. Chien Cheng-yang didn't think so much. The little rabbit let him stay. He was very excited now. He turned off the TV, turned off the light, took off his clothes, and then lay down in bed. This was the little rabbit's bed, the little rabbit's pillow, and the little bunny's bed sheet. Everything was the smell of the little bunny. It really made him intoxicated. Now the weather is very hot during the day, but the temperature is very different in the morning and at night, especially at this time, even to put a sheet on the stomach, so the rabbit did not turn on the fan, was put on the bed by Jian Zhengyang, automatically rolled into the bed, saw Jian Zhengyang turned off the TV, turned off the light, and then followed into bed. Before the rabbit could feel his embrace, he was startled by his primitive state. "Jian Zhengyang, why did you take off your clothes?" "How can you sleep without taking off your clothes?" Jian Zhengyang answered as a matter of course. The little rabbit gritted his teeth. "But you can't take it all off." Just carelessly touched what should not be touched, damn, fortunately in the dark can not see her blush, "quickly at least put on underwear." "No,die cast light housing, I can't sleep with my clothes on." "Put it on." "Don't." "Do you wear it?" “…… Rabbit, I don't mind if you can't hold it. After a pause, Jian Zhengyang's teasing voice suddenly sounded. Hold your head and stay away from me if you don't. The little rabbit was so angry that he rolled inside. Unfortunately, the bed was so big that he finally trapped himself. While he was close to the wall, he was held in his arms by Jian Zhengyang. It was obviously a normal body temperature, but when he put it on her body, it felt like a fire burning her skin. Of course, the little rabbit was not willing to be trapped by him like this,titanium machining parts, but after moving a few times, there was something behind him that was not implicit against him, and he was too frightened to move again. "Don't mess around, or I'll destroy you." The answer to her was even breathing. Is this guy asleep? After waiting for a while, the people in the back still did not respond. Well, the rabbit tried to ignore the stove in the back, and also tried to ignore the very subtle thing against her thigh. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and slept. Apart from sleeping with her mother when she was young, she had not slept in the same bed with others for many years, especially when she was hugged like an octopus. The little rabbit only felt that there was something heavy pressing on her, and it was very uncomfortable in her sleep. Chien Cheng-yang, on the other hand, smelled the smell of the rabbit on the tip of his nose. Although he did not like others to touch him since he was a child, his resistance was much stronger than that of the rabbit, alloy die casting ,car radiator cap, but holding the rabbit in his arms, he slept soundly, contentedly and steadfastly. Because there is a wolf holding himself, so although sleep very late, but do not need the alarm clock early rabbit woke up, look at the sun outside, she slept covered with sweat, well, in fact, she was not scared to wake up, but by the heat to wake up. Take away the hand that hugs oneself, want to get up to turn on the fan, the result just took away to have not sat up, be hugged by octopus again, looking at such big person hands and feet and use to wrap oneself, the small rabbit seriously doubt usually Jian Zhengyang sleep is to want to hold a big pillow. It was so hot that she couldn't stand it. She took him away again. As a result, he muttered'Little Rabbit 'in his mouth, hugged the waist of Little Rabbit without opening his eyes, hugged her into his arms, and fell asleep again. The little rabbit did not know whether to laugh or cry when he saw him like this, but did he really like to call his name when he fell asleep? If so, there seems to be nothing disturbing about her falling in love with such a man. Because Jane Zhengyang hugged his waist tightly, every time she moved, he hugged him more tightly. In order not to let him hug himself to death, the rabbit had to hold him directly and roll over. This action, he was quite cooperative. He changed his position all of a sudden. The rabbit was outside, but the electric fan was still some distance away from the head of the bed. The rabbit had to climb over and turn on the fan. I can't move my waist and lower body,  his eyes. He was the only one in the room. The fan on the bedside table was making an unknown sound. Bunny ~ -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Weakly ask for collection, everyone. 013 Jian Zhengyang cooks, and the rabbit must enjoy it. Hearing Jian Zhengyang's voice,metal stamping parts, the little rabbit looked over and said, "Poof!" The rinse water in his mouth spurted out all of a sudden. He closed his eyes and shouted, "Why did you come out without clothes? Are you exposed?" Jian Zhengyang looked at himself and smiled. "I didn't wake up to see you worried. I'm going to wear it now." "Humph." Quickly wash your face and brush your teeth. Take out a new towel and toothbrush. "Wash your face and brush your teeth with this later." "Good." Jian Zhengyang smiled and took the thing from the rabbit and went to the toilet. autoparts-dx.com