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Sick Girl Jumps Repeatedly on the Edge of Death for the Strategy [wear the book] Private

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Wei Tansheng saw it in his eyes, moved in his heart, and suddenly laughed out loud. I see what you mean. He smiled, as moist and harmless as the bright moon. You can rest assured, you do not want to, I will not force you, as for Niang there. With my support, you don't have to worry. Although she didn't want to admit it, Xicui really breathed a sigh of relief and then said, "I." Not unwilling. It's just that if you say it again, it won't be convincing. Wei Tansheng seemed to interpret her embarrassment as that she still had an old love for Gao Qian. She was noncommittal and made no other judgments about her words. Xicui simply gave up the idea of continuing to explain, and confirmed her identity as a female partner who had a crush on Gao Qian. The matter was finally uncovered. Neither she nor Wei Tansheng was used to sleeping with someone around them, so she and Wei Tansheng were the only two in the room, and all the others were sent down. The candle was burning slowly, and the shadow was reflected in the window. There is also some warmth between ordinary couples. After washing, Wei Tansheng looked at the account book for a while. He seldom read Buddhist sutras these days. Perhaps influenced by the topic just now, the atmosphere of silence is particularly disturbing. Driven by this strange atmosphere, Xicui pursed her lips, sat over, chose to take the initiative to talk, and asked a few questions about the medicine hall. Business is better than ever. As soon as she asked, Wei Tansheng put down the account book,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, "After a period of time, I think I can make a profit." "You're not watching?" "No more." He smiled and said, "It's easy to do things when you have enough energy." Then he went to the head of the bed and blew out the light. Go to sleep. It's getting late. Lying in bed, Xicui couldn't sleep. If The thoughts in my heart are floating and sinking. If close contact with Wei Tansheng can really enhance feelings, she doesn't mind trying. Seemingly infected by her impatience, Wei Tansheng propped himself up and lit the lamp again. "What's wrong?" Candlelight shone on his face, and his white skin became more delicate as jade. His skirt was much open, and two or three strands of hair fell in front of his chest. Wei Tansheng,tube fitting manufacturer, "Xicui finally asked what she had been holding in her heart since just now. She frowned." Do you want to have sex with me? " He held the lampstand closer, and his breath, consciously or unconsciously, sprayed on her face, but he did not answer her question directly. Cui Niang, look. Wei Tansheng suddenly stretched out a finger and poked it gently on her forehead. The slightly cool finger pulp slid all the way down her forehead. "Under your skin, if you cut it open, you can see the skeletal muscles, tendons, veins, marrow and brain." The finger slipped over the tip of the nose and stopped on the upper lip, "the snot in the mouth and nose." The finger rested in front of her throat. "Phlegm in the throat." "Sweat and dirt on the skin, pus and blood and feces and urine." "It's all in you and me." His voice was soft, his eyelashes drooped, and he whispered, 14 tube fitting ,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, "There is feces and urine in the body, but it is not clean.". Those who have husband and wife. There will be lochia. "If you want to ask me what I mean," Wei Tan Sheng slanted his head and said frankly, "I feel dirty." = Wei Yang did not live with them, and naturally did not know the situation between her and Wei Tansheng. But the servant girl who lived with them day and night saw it clearly in her eyes, knowing that they were just a couple on the surface, and that there was no real relationship between husband and wife. Among the servant girls, the Chinese flowering crabapple is not in a hurry, but the coral. Coral doesn't like to talk, but she thinks a lot. For the sake of her position in the Wei family in the future, she thinks over and over again and euphemistically advises Xicui to find a time to have sex with Wei Tansheng as soon as possible. It's not that the servant is talkative, it's just that after a long time, the lady must be aware of it. Moreover, "Coral worried tunnel," there are restless people staring at Lang Jun. " She was referring to Bayeux. Thinking of Bayeux, Coral's eyes are more worried. The fat on a woman's lips is light, but these days, she is right. In order to comfort her, Xicui answered. In fact, after that night's conversation, she was calm enough. She had thought that after a few years, Wei Tansheng was no longer as extreme as before. Unexpectedly, he is still the same little pervert. His illness is not cured at all. In this way, a few days passed safely and steadily. There was no fixed time for Daliang to  up his persistence in Gao Qian. This return to the door is also a plot mentioned in the book. On the day when Wu Xicui and Wei Tansheng returned home, Gao Qian went to Wu Fu again to invite the woman to help the old lady see a doctor. Finally saw the sweetheart, Wu Xicui completely forgot her married identity,hydraulic fitting supplier, once again, in front of Wei Tansheng, rushed up. chinaroke.com