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Secret Agent's First Daughter: Wang Ye, Please Only Favor Guan Ruo Li Dongming's Son Yuyun Private

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When Bai Qingyan saw Shangguan Ruoli coming out, he folded his fists and saluted. He said with a smile, "I know if you can't say a few words, the head of the cabinet will be beaten out. My subordinates will just wait here." "Oh!" Shangguan Ruoli smiled, "You have worked hard to take care of the old cabinet owner and the two girls, Qiuju and Yancui." "You're welcome, Lord. This is what subordinates should do." Bai Qingyan gazed at her eyes, which were still bright and bright in the night, and was slightly distracted. Shangguan Ruoli bent down and stroked the head of the little white wolf and said, "Xiao Yunqing is dead. The two maids don't have to hide. Let them serve the old cabinet master here. I'm going to get married there. It's uncertain." Bai Qingyan looked worried. "Does the Lord have any countermeasures?" "Not yet. I have to worry about the safety of Shangguan's family. However, I still have the ability to protect myself." The little white wolf licked Shangguan Ruoli's heart intimately, which made her heart soft. Bai Qingyan nodded slightly, "that pavilion is mainly careful everywhere." "Well," Shangguan Ruoli stood up, and the little white wolf hung her clothes to play. "There are a lot of things going on in the government this month. Xiao Yunqing's funeral, Shangguan Yu, me and Shangguan Ruoxian got married. There must be someone making trouble. Send someone to pay attention to it." The people of Nanyun and Beiling have not left yet, and the emperor will not stop. Yes Bai Qingyan respectfully received the order. Shangguan Ruoli said, "I will often let Rejoice go to Zhiweizhai to buy snacks. If there is any news, let her pass it on." Bai Qingyan nodded and saw that Shangguan Ruoli was leaving. "Let my subordinates take you back,beam impact tubes," he said. "No, I'll be careful myself!" Shangguan Ruoli's voice did not fall, and he went up to the roof and disappeared into the night with a rise and fall. Bai Qingyan looked up and looked in the direction of Shangguan Ruoli's disappearance, unable to withdraw his eyes for a long time. Ahem! Xiao Fei leaned on the door frame, touching his white beard with a half-smile, an expression that I saw through you. Bai Qingyan's eyes congealed and he slowly withdrew his line of sight, "Lord of the Old Pavilion!" Xiao Fei raised his eyebrows and said,side impact door beams, "Don't worry about the smelly girl. You can't control her." Bai Qingyan blushed and touched his nose awkwardly. "What did the old cabinet owner say?"? How can subordinates have the idea of climbing? Subordinates are just envious of the Lord's flying skills. Xiao Fei didn't believe it. He raised his eyebrows and said, "I can't hide this from you!"! When Lao Tzu was young, he was also charming and elegant. He was a talented person. Thousands of flowers passed by, and leaves did not touch his body. Bai Qingyan muttered in a low voice, "You don't touch your body with leaves, but you touch flowers." Xiao Fei didn't hear clearly and asked, "What are you muttering about?" "No," said Bai Qingyan hurriedly. "My subordinates say that you are highly skilled in martial arts and highly respected. It would be nice if you could guide my subordinates in a few moves." Xiao Fei was complimented with a smile, "you have a good eye, and I will guide you a few strokes every day." "Thank you, Lord!" Bai Qingyan quickly knelt down to thank him. Xiao Fei was the highest in the martial arts world in those years. He would certainly benefit a lot from his advice. Xiao Yunqing is the stepmother, and Shangguan Ruoli, the real lady, doesn't have to hold a wake for her. Just, cold drawn tubes ,side impact beams, in the small convergence, big encoffination and other ceremonies to answer a Mao on the line. Shangguan Ruoli got up and appeared in the house month by month. Report to the princess! Get down on one knee month after month and salute with folded fists. Shangguan Ruoli said lightly, "How many times have I said it? I'm not your princess yet." "Yes!"! Subordinates wrote it down! Month by month, he nodded respectfully, and then added, "Tell me about the princess.." Shangguan if from the forehead, how with this stubborn girl can not make sense? Not knowing why month after month, he continued to report: "The murderer and the prostitute entered the inn last night and bullied Nanyun Yao to death, and he himself did something.." She blushed and pursed her lips. Exhausted and dead? Shangguan Ruoli knew that she was shy, although she was a dark guard, but after all, she was a little girl. Ahem! Shangguan Ruoli seems to have forgotten that she is also a little girl. Moon blushed even more. "I'm not dead," he hurriedly said. "I fainted on Nanyun Yao'er. I was discovered early in the morning. That man turned out to be Nanyun Leng Lie, the eldest prince of Nanyun." "What's the result?" Asked Shangguan Ruoli? How did things go? "Nanyun Lenglie confessed to the crime he had committed and was driven out of Dongming by Emperor Dongming," he said month by month. "Nanyun Lengyue also had no face to stay in Dongming and pressed Nanyun to return home. ” Shangguan Ruoli groped for his chin to think, this matter is very strange, how do you think this matter is related to yuan Hao? "Emperor Nagumo also knows the virtue of his eldest son and what happened between Nanyun Lenglie and Nanyun Yaoer, so he won't vent his anger on Dongming because of this," he added month by month. Shangguan Ruoli nodded, "well, I know." He stood up neatly month by month and flashed into the  was the wife of the general of Zhenguo. Shangguan Tianxiao gave her enough dignity, and the funeral was held in style. As soon as Xiao Yunqing's funeral was over,precision welded tubes, the white silk had not been removed, and the wedding of Shangguanyu and Zheng Shuyue was in full swing. Apart from Shangguan Ruoxian and Shangguan Zhao, no one seems to remember that there was Xiao Yunqing in Shangguan General's Office. cbiesautomotive.com