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Red light thief Private

1 month ago Fashion, Home & Garden Baytown   66 views

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Location: Baytown
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The internal force of the thin old man in white was so great that Leng Hongxi's sword trembled, but Leng Hongxi was not an ordinary person. "Bold old man!" He shouted coldly. The body of the sword was sent forward slightly, and then it was suddenly pulled back. With a "whoosh", the sword was taken back. The old man in white was slightly surprised,Magnesium Oxide powder, because with the true strength of his cuff, he failed to lock the other side's sword, but the true strength of Leng Hongxi was really considerable! He laughed and said, "Hongxi, do you really want to fight with me?" Said a pair of hands still holding Mo ring, the whole body like a straight line, along the mountain wall up. See he falls only the point of a pair of shoes, rise situation is like "hidden dragon ascends to heaven",diammonium phosphate fertilizer, rapid rise 78 Zhangs high and low! Leng Hongxi saw the great revenge, but did not expect that such a character would appear temporarily.  This move is clearly a "long snake spitting out a letter", but in the dark it contains the thrilling technique of "three rings of the moon", "point throat", "hang two shoulders", one sword and three strokes, which is indeed extremely powerful! Seeing this, the man in white frowned slightly, and his white shoes suddenly twisted on the stone wall, potassium sulphate fertilizer ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, rising again like a wisp of smoke. But Leng Hongxi's long sword, but by his jaw, the cold body of the sword, as well as the dense sword gas, made the other side of the martial arts geek, gasped! Although he escaped this trick, he was also close to the extreme. As soon as he opened his eyes, he let out a wild laugh and said, "Come again, junior!" Said the feet kept kicking continuously, kneading all the way up, Leng Hongxi at this time also unfolded the snow monkey posture, on the cliff, all the way lightly kicking skillfully, closely followed! Seeing this, the thin old man in white sneered again and again, "No wonder you are so arrogant. So you have some abilities. It's just.." He gave another wild laugh and said, "You've met your match tonight!" As soon as the word "le" came out of his mouth, he saw a display of his big sleeves, and as high as eight or nine feet, he sank into the darkness! "Let Mo Huan go, old man," said Leng Hongxi sternly. "I'll spare your life. Otherwise, you and I will be irreconcilable."    He thought of turning over and sitting up, but when he moved, a piercing pain made him shiver and fall down again involuntarily. Only then did he vaguely remember what was going on. He tried to touch his body with his hand, and fortunately, there was a thick layer of withered grass below, otherwise he would have died long ago! He could not help sighing and said to himself, "I am finished!" He tried to lift his leg again,Magnesium Sulphate producer, but when he lifted it a little higher, it was too sore to bear, and he put it down again. stargrace-magnesite.com