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1 month ago Multimedia Baytown   33 views

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In a word, the atmosphere of the hall was dead.  An indifferent voice sounded outside the hall. Uh But at this time, all the people in the hall were like being struck by lightning, staring at the outside of the hall. Only then did they see that after Lin Xuefeng, a beautiful figure came out, dressed in white clothes, with a handsome face, dark eyes and a refined spirit. This figure, they are too familiar! Suddenly, Xiao Ke's slender jade hand covered his lips,rapid sand filters, his almond eyes were wide open, his whole body trembled with excitement, and he could not speak. And who are you? Is this a place where you, a young man, can talk freely? When did the Lin family not even have manners? Zuo Wenkun frowned, turned his head again, and saw Lin Xun. But he did not recognize the other party, and when he saw that he was so young, he thought he was the younger generation of the Lin family,disc air diffuser, so he scolded him without hesitation. The hall was silent, and no one seemed to hear Zuo Wenkun's words. With a snap, the teacup in Lin Zhong's hand slipped and fell to the ground, splashing the hot tea on the ground. But Lin Zhong did not feel at all, looking at the figure that appeared in front of the hall, his whole body trembled violently. The others were almost as stunned as Lin Zhong, as if they could not believe their eyes. Only then did Zuo Wenkun realize that something was wrong with the situation. His face was gloomy. He said, "It seems that you didn't listen to my words in your heart. In that case, you should take care of yourself. Goodbye!" With that, he was about to leave. Just then, he suddenly found that all the people in the hall got up together and opened their mouths excitedly: "Master of the House!" "Is it really you, master?" "Is this true?" The voice was noisy, mixed with excitement, accident, trance and other emotions, which seemed to be like a dream, so incredible. Master of the house? Zuo Wenkun was stunned at first, filter nozzle ,multi disc screw press, and then a white light flashed across his mind like lightning. Could it be that the young man was. "Lin Xun!" He blurted out. Then, Zuo Wenkun trembled all over, and finally thoroughly understood why these big shots of the Lin family seemed so out of control when they saw this young man. Because this young man, once like a legend, supported the whole Lin family with the backbone of one person.  Just as he was about to explain something, he was interrupted by Lin Xun: "Uncle Zhong, I already know about it. Let me handle these things." Originally ecstatic, excited and absent-minded, the Lin family gradually calmed down at this time, and then a kind of worry welled up in their hearts. Lin's return was indeed a great joy,fine bubble diffuser, but now the Lin family was in a dangerous situation and was on the verge of destruction. In such a situation, can Lin Xun change the situation? "Oh, with you?"   khnwatertreatment.com