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Recommend [Tongren] [Outlaws of the Marsh] The First Yamen of the Song Dynasty Professional

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Wanyan Zongqiang went to the backyard happily with Jingba in his arms and becovely Luo red dog at a glance, crouched to greet it to oneself here. Before she crouched down to greet the dog, she subconsciously hooked the hair on her temples with her little finger and stroked it behind her ear. This seemingly unintentional action,silk olive tree, indescribably charming, shows gentleness and loveliness. Yu Xianghun seemed not to know that he had attracted attention, and only picked up Luo Hong dog to tease him. When Zong Jun saw Zong Qiang staring at his maid, he said with a smile, "If I die, I will burn her along with my good horse and saddle." Sacrificial burial is popular among Jurchens. When a man dies, all his belongings are burned. If he designates a living person of his own,outdoor ficus tree, he has to burn the sacrificial burial. She's from the Song Dynasty. Is it your turn to burn? Zong Qiang hit the nail on the head. When I leave, I will take her back to Jin. I believe Song will not be stingy with a woman. Zong Jundao. Yuxiang did not realize that she would probably go abroad to be a side concubine in the future, perhaps she would have to be burned, but she had been gently teasing the pet dog in her arms, giving out pleasant laughter from time to time. Zong Jun said to her in Chinese, "That's Zong Qiang's dog. Don't touch it. Go back!" Yuxiang was stunned. His eyes were full of grievances. He hurriedly put the dog down and said helplessly, "The maidservant is wrong." He turned around and went back. As soon as Zong Qiang saw it, his anger came up and he rolled up his sleeves to fight. When they were young, they had a lot of fights, for all kinds of strange reasons, fighting for food, clothes and horses, and now there is another woman. Zong Jun is not afraid of him. He can't beat Zong Han, large artificial blossom trees ,fake ficus tree, Zong Wang, Zong Bi and other brothers. Can't he beat you?! Wanyan Xiyst and relax." Gao Ming laughed. Wanyan Xiyin nodded with a sad expression. After a while,silk ficus tree, Wanyan Zongqiang and Zong Jun came in, unable to judge who won from the injury. Gao Ming pretended not to know and said with a smile, "Who won the contest just now?" They glared at each other. "Deuce." 。 hacartificialtree.com