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Rebirth chases beauty Private

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Reluctantly, Yu Wenrui took back his half-stretched fist and said with a sneer, "Director Han, we are talking here!" "Speak?"? Do you say that? I think you want to gather a crowd to fight! Han Bingfeng has seen a lot of this kind of thing, and you can see at a glance what these students want to do. I can't! We are all good students and never fight. Yu Wenrui said in disagreement. Yu Wenrui, how many days have you just transferred to another school? The students who come to my place to tell you are all lined up! I tell you, don't think you can do whatever you want at school if you have some people in your family. If you dare to make trouble for me again, don't blame me for not reminding you, and then no one will give you face! Han Bingfeng roared with a cold face. I see, Director Han. Yu Wenrui nodded. Director Han has heard of this before. In the 1970s, he was a gangster. He was quite awesome on the road. He fought like a madman. He was called Han Madman. During the "strike hard" campaign in 1983, the old man of his family forced Han Bingfeng to stay at home and let him review for the university entrance examination. As a result, Han Bingfeng did not know what was wrong and was admitted to a normal school. After graduation, he was assigned to No.4 Middle School as a teaching director. Now the famous Wang Fatty in the underworld of Xinjiang City was originally Han Bingfeng's subordinate. Until now, Wang Fatty came to see Han Bingfeng every New Year's Day. So although Yu Wenrui's family has something to do with it, this Han Bingfeng is not a role he can afford to play. Han Bingfeng snorted coldly and turned away. I shrugged indifferently and said with a smile, "It seems that we can't fight, can we?" "Damn it, I'll deal with you later!" Yu Wenrui left a cruel word and left with the others. "I smiled. It was fun for a man in his thirties to play with a child." What are you laughing at? So insidious. Zhao Yanyan snuggled up to me and asked strangely. It's nothing. I just think Yu Wenrui is funny. I laughed. Fun? Why didn't I see it? Zhao Yanyan said strangely. His brother is going to be a fool soon. He still has the leisure to pretend to be a force with me at school. I think it is necessary to make history ahead of time. Anyway, with the appearance of Guo Qing,iron nail machine, the strength of the people in Caishikou is much stronger than before. It is only a matter of time before the peach blossom alley is shoveled. His brother became a fool? What are you talking about? I don't understand. Zhao Yanyan said in puzzlement after hearing this. Nothing. Leave him alone. Let's go to dinner first. You see I'm starving to death. I changed the subject and didn't want to get entangled in this issue, otherwise I would lose too much. Oh. Fine As soon as Zhao Yanyan heard that I was hungry, she immediately nodded. Sister Yan Yan ~ ~! Before Zhao Yanyan and I reached the stairway, there was a voice behind us that I hated. Sure enough, there was a sound of footsteps behind us, and the small light bulb was thrown to us quickly. Sister Yan Yan, what are you going to do? Asked the little bulb. After hearing this, I was sweating in my heart. It seems that we don't have to report to you what we do when we go out, do we? "Ah, it's Yun Yun.". We're just going to dinner. Would you like to go with us? Zhao Yanyan took the hand of the small light bulb and asked kindly. Oh, Nail machine manufacturer ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, I wish I could! But I'm afraid someone won't agree! The little light bulb rolled me with his eyes and said. My heart said, of course I don't agree. I talk about love with my wife. What are you always doing beside me. But he still said, "How can I? Sister Yun, you are so lovely. How can I not agree?" That would be great! I've seen sister Yan Yan for days! The little light bulb boastfully said. I was so angry in my heart. How could this person climb up with a bamboo pole? I couldn't hear the polite words. But no way, the words have been said to death, I can only force a smile and said: "Take it away, two beauties, today I treat!" " "Humph!"! If you don't invite it, who will? Your input method sold a lot of money! The little light bulb ran at me with words. I don't understand. Why does this girl always mention that input method? I really don't understand. Anyway, either she is sick or I  find a food stall!" Said the little light bulb with grievance. ……” It turns out that I was fooled by her. Zhao Yanyan covered her mouth beside her and said with a chuckle,Automatic Nail Making Machine, "You two can really argue. I seldom see Liu Lei make others speechless.". Yun Yun, if you marry Liu Lei, he will suffer! 。 3shardware.com