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Re-enlist in the entertainment industry Private

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Tidying up the slight wrinkles on the suit, Luo Ding frowned, Wu Fangyuan and Gu Yaxing were busy helping him pass things, and one was holding an iPad to check the details of the work. Gu Yaxing complained: "The news is so sudden, there are only a few days left for you to prepare, clothing, appearance, everything to do, and female companions, where to find?" Huo Xie personally called Luo Ding to explain and apologize: "I'm really sorry, I really didn't plan to attend this film festival.". But this time, there are many film crews attending the festival, both at home and abroad, and the quality is quite good, so the competition will be fierce. It's not like the previous sessions where the tall ones were chosen from the short ones to fight with the pheasants. If the Spring Festival is broadcasted,Self-closing Shower Valve, other film festivals will not be able to catch up. There is no movement in Venice. The exposure rate is higher. It is good for everyone to win more awards. Luo Ding naturally did not express any dissatisfaction, Gu Yaxing they were not dissatisfied with the activities, but felt that the remaining time was not enough to prepare. Ask Sister Pan if she has time. When it comes to female companions, Luo Ding thinks of Pan Yiming for the first time. Oh! Yes Gu Yaxing hurriedly called Pan Yiming's agent to inquire about the schedule, but the result was not very optimistic. The other party was looking forward to attending the film festival ceremony,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, but he was too busy at the end of the year. Pan Yiming would fly to Japan to work for at least half a month from tomorrow, and there was no time to say anything. Luo Ding is silly. There are really not many female stars who play well in the circle. In order to avoid sex news, even when shooting, he is more polite than close to female artists. After getting off the camera, they will never exchange contact information unless necessary. People in the circle are talkative, and he remembered that he had suffered similar losses in his previous life. However, in the crew, I had lunch with a supporting actress who had nothing to do with each other. I began to hype about Cao Dingkun's secret love for her. The news has been boiling until now, and many people have identified this actress as Cao Dingkun's official match. God knows Cao Dingkun was scared to leave when he saw her after the play. However, from the few tidbits of Cao Dingkun, the other side also made a lot of profits, Flush Retrofit Kit ,Stainless Steel Toilet China, jumping directly from the third-tier star to Xiaohuadan, followed by numerous films, seizing the opportunity to go all the way to the first-tier. Luoding is the time when we need to be cautious in our words and deeds. Inviting unfamiliar female artists is too easy to go wrong. He thought hard for a long time before he suddenly remembered another object. Try calling Sister yuan? Although he did not have much contact, he had a good relationship with yuan Bing. As soon as Liu Yu heard Wu Fangyuan announce himself, she smiled: "Our yuan Jie is really popular. She has been invited at least three times today. I'll ask her opinion." yuan Bing is also happy: "You this group of people usually do not have a phone, really nothing does not go to the Three Treasures Palace, when you need it, you think of me.". It's all the same. Luo Ding sincerely apologized to her: "Sister yuan, we are in the same crew. After a trip to the crew, you can walk around with me directly. It is convenient and convenient. You are just nominated for the best actress, and you don't have to find another male companion.". I must dress simply and sincerely to set off your bright and beautiful. yuan Bing laughed: "OK!"! For your words, I pushed all the other invitations! Luo Ding almost knelt down for her. After putting down the phone, he breathed a sigh of relief, and his heart was somewhat empty for some reason. When he was so busy, there were still people looking for him. Wu Fangyuan answered the phone and hurried out. After a while, he came in with a bag with a strange expression. Luo Ding, "Wu Fangyuan asked him aloud," what is your relationship with Duan Xiubo? Why does he always send you things? From Duan Xiubo? Luo Ding's heart that empty sink suddenly filled up, I do not know what to think of in a trance, he maintained his calm performance to fool Wu Fangyuan and opened the box, found inside is a watch inlaid with diamonds. Luo Ding was startled. When can Duan Xiubo grow a snack? The black watch sent last time was produced by Van Coeur. It was worth six figures. It was too expensive for the purchasing power of Luoding now. After taking part in the program, Wu Fangyuan carefully put the watch in his arms and sent it to Mi Rui before he put down the heart hanging in the air for fear of  You wear more and appear in the mirror. Maybe you can give the next endorsement to the next one. Luo Ding silently listened to him and began to complain that yuan Bing did not accept his invitation,Concealed Flush Valve, there is only one feeling in his heart, that is, rich people are too special not things. cnkexin.com

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