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Qing Meng Tian Xia Private

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As soon as Hongjun's voice fell, a loud salute sounded, and hundreds of millions of colorful light pillars rose from the mainland of Qingmengtian, shooting through the sky, splitting chaos, reflecting the joy of Qingmengtian, and all kinds of colorful congenital flowers mixed with bright red rose petals. Like billions of suns, a dazzling dish suddenly appeared in the sky of billions of miles of Qingmeng Sky. A round of rays flashed by, and the vast and turbulent holy light of merit and virtue surged out, spread around, and flew into the mainland of Qingmeng Sky. Like lightning, it shot into the heaven of billions of living beings in Qingmengtian. Hot Book Pavilion is www.reshuge.com "Merit of Heaven!" Heaven and earth were in an uproar, and all the people were shocked by the immeasurable merits and virtues. Feeling a trace of enlightenment in their hearts, they opened their mouths wide in surprise: "God!"! Taihong Tianzun got married, and the red envelope is the merit of heaven! But also to see people have a share! Hundreds of millions of gods could not help but kneel down to worship and shout: "Thank you, Taihong Tianzun, Nu Wa, Xi He, Chang'e and Houtu!" In a moment, the force of billions of glittering and translucent streams of water rose like a tsunami, swept across the clear sky, and went straight into the great mill of heaven and earth, where the holy light of merit and virtue was scattered. Another round of rosy clouds flashed by, and the disc-shaped Great Mill of the World of Destruction "exploded" out of shape. A wild God with five heads and ten arms appeared in the void, where the dazzling holy light of merit and virtue burst out. Five hundred-mile heads looked down at the earth with smiles. One resembled Zhang Yu, and the other four were somewhat similar to Nu Wa, Xi He,secondary containment pallet, Chang'e and Houtu. Still smiling in the void, Zhang Yu, the protagonist of the wedding, looked at the wonders of heaven and earth. His heart trembled and he said to himself, "This inexplicable world-destroying mill has changed again!"! But fortunately, Xi He and Chang'e were added this time, if not. The bride of Chang'e, who has always loved to eat wrong, must make a scene at the wedding and smash this strange world-destroying mill! Including Hongjun, Sanqing Laoshu,collapsible pallet box, Primitive and Tongtian. Western Jieyin and Zhunti, as well as the River Styx and the Black Cloud, looked at Zhang Yu's wedding ceremony in shock. His eyes were so round that they protruded several inches from his eyes. They were about to fall off, and his mouth was wide open. A blank mind: "I wait for the saint.". Explore the way of heaven and touch the road. It's nothing more than seeking merit and good luck. You, Taihong, are so rich that you give away the vast amount of merit that you have worked so hard to plan in vain. I've never seen a prodigal family fail to such an extent! A colorful glow leisurely out of the Qingmeng Palace, shooting straight into the void. Forming a thousand-mile wide road, all kinds of auspicious spirit animals kneel on both sides of the road, bow their heads and kowtow, all kinds of congenital flowers and trees cover the whole continent, delicate and beautiful flowers compete to blossom, and the rich spirit of the fairy drifts away. With a clear and clear call, Qingmeng Heaven and Earth brightened, and two auspicious red phoenixes flew out of Qingmeng Palace. With four loud roars throughout the world, four thousands of miles of Warcraft, covered with red and green. The aura of the whole body is scattered. Slowly rising from the clear sky, it was the four brides, Qinglong, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet bins, Baihu, Zhuque and Xuanwu, dressed in bright red Miro Celestial Clothes. Xi He stood on the blue dragon with bared teeth and brandished claws, Chang'e on the roaring white tiger, Nu Wa on the back of the rosefinch spreading its wings and soaring flames. Needless to say, it must be Houtu to stand on the scattered basalt. In front of the four Warcraft, two colorful phoenixes with thousands of miles of wings and thousands of auspicious spirits led the way. Hundreds of thousands of tough men in the Qing Dynasty, all of whom were quasi-saints in their later years, held Yunluo umbrellas in their hands and whisked the dust as they wished. They followed closely behind the two phoenixes, the ancestors of the prehistoric birds, and led the four ancient Warcraft forward. Four bright red wedding dresses about tens of thousands of miles long float in the void and move against the wind. All of the millions of Qingmeng slim female brothers dressed in red makeup are all in the late realm of Da Luo Jinxian. Every million people hold a wedding dress of ten thousand miles, carry it lightly, step leisurely, and step on the auspicious clouds like willows in the wind. Zhang Yu has long been transformed into a figure, dressed in a red robe, two colorful feathers pulled from Kong Xuan's body in advance and inserted in his crown, elegant and elegant, like a local rich man accepting a concubine. Zulong, the ancestor of prehistoric dragons, is now sitting on Zhang Yu's mount, turning into the real body of a colorful dragon with eight claws dancing, and the auspicious air is scattered  of great creation, that is not born to get the way, is the source of Taihong strange? But the body of Taihong's innate Taoist body cannot be faked! But on second thought,collapsible bulk containers, Pangu yuan Shen could not be faked, nor was he deceived by Taihong? So he kept looking up at the big characters written on the two memorial tablets that Zhang Yu had taken out, but he didn't see why after looking at them for a long time. binpallet.com

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