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Pure Yang is really immortal Private

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A thousand feet of wood thunder seal, blasted the chaotic Yin and Yang array of light on the light curtain, an explosion, thunder and lightning, surging in all directions, dazzling light, invisible. In the snap of a finger, all the surging thunder, lightning, and magic power all disappeared. The wooden thunder seal of a thousand feet had disappeared. Zang Tianji's face was startled. The magic light curtain around Gu Chen did not move at all, and there was no change at all. Gu Chen threw a sneer at Zang Tianji. How could the defensive power of the chaotic Yin and Yang array be broken by Zang Tianji in a short time? Now no longer pay attention to the hidden secret, the sword shadow is like a tide, the sword Gang continuously splits to the bloody ball. The blood-colored round ball shook more and more violently, and suddenly burst out a brilliant red awn. The spirit of heaven and earth around it and the essence of morning dew suddenly stopped. The huge heart seemed to have been absorbed. Suddenly, it fell and shot at the corpse of the six giant demons on the ground, wanting to come back to life. The blood ball shook violently, only a trace, can be completely cut off by Jian Gang, but. Too late, one or two Jian Gang, can not split the blood ball. If you don't split the bloody ball, the huge heart won't be hurt. Huge heart is not injured, after the resurrection of the corpse, in a short period of time, it will recover to the realm of cultivation in front of the body! This is a fatal danger to Gu Chen. Suddenly, Gu Chen's eyebrows flashed,ball valve manufacturer, and a square seal flew out in an instant, turning into tens of Zhangs in size, which was the seal of Kunwu. Love must have, Kun Wu seal also used out, hide secret know Kun Wu seal GuChen body, this is not a secret, GuChen dare not use, just afraid of Kun Wu seal damage, now this Kun Wu secret place,brass tube fitting, must Kun WuYin not so easy to damage! Kun Wu Yin is like a mountain peak, a white awn in the air, as fast as a sharp arrow, and instantly hit the blood-colored ball. Kun Wu Yin weighs tens of thousands of jins. At such a speed, it hits the blood-colored ball. Its strength is far stronger than that of Qianzhang Jian Gang. The blood-colored ball shook violently and suddenly opened a hole, revealing the bright red heart inside. The two giant Jian Gang, which were more than a thousand feet in size, immediately split down. The first Jian Gang cut the place where the blood-colored ball cracked, and immediately cut the blood-colored ball in half. The second Jian Gang fell and split the huge heart. Countless dazzling red awn, burst out from the heart, but also can not stop the killing of Qianzhang Jian Gang, a huge wound, spread from the top of the huge heart to the bottom. Whoa. Countless blood spurted out. Massive heart damage. At the same time, the huge heart also fell to the ground, instantly became smaller, and flashed into the body of a demon in the late golden elixir period. Suddenly, the demon opened his eyes and immediately came to life. The wounds all over his body healed instantly at a speed visible to the naked eye. A huge birdsong resounded through heaven and earth, and the demon jumped up and suddenly turned into a giant bird, 38 tube fitting ,stainless steel tube fitting, soaring into the sky. The giant bird is covered with golden plumes, golden beak, golden claws, golden body and wings, which block the sun. The divine bird, the golden-winged ROC! Gu Chen and Zang Tianji were surprised in their eyes. Chapter eighty-three dragons in the sky. The golden-winged ROC is an ancient divine bird, which only exists in ancient legends. In modern times, there has never been an ancient wasteland. Although the golden-winged ROC disappeared in the ancient river, it left a lot of blood, such as the wind and thunder eagle, the golden flame carving.. And so on, because there is a trace of the blood of divine birds, wind and thunder eagles, golden flame carvings, are the first class of large ethnic groups in the demon domain. The six demons of the Wind and Thunder Eagle Clan summoned the array at the moment, apparently knowing early that the heart of a golden-winged bird was sealed under the five-color altar. The reason why the Wind and Thunder Eagle Clan wants to find the entrance to Kunwu Secret Land is to let this golden-winged ROC bird come out of the world again. With the strength of the golden-winged ROC bird, it is enough to unify the demon domain. The golden-winged ROC flew thousands of feet high in the sky, circled for a while, and turned into a middle-aged man in his thirties, with a golden wing behind him, as wide as a hundred feet, looking at Gu Chen with extremely vicious eyes. Gu Chen's eyes also fell on the body of the golden-winged ROC. The golden-winged ROC looked  With a wry smile in his heart, Gu Chen said, "For the first time, I took advantage of his unpreparedness. Now that he is on guard, how can I slap him easily?"? This golden-winged ROC is my strong enemy, and the hidden secret is a fly that can't be killed. Two people join hands,needle valve manufacturer, I am not an opponent, the hero does not suffer immediate losses, go for the plan.. 。 chinaroke.com