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Prehistoric jade Professional

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As soon as the Taoist of the Qing Dynasty was like this, Kong Xuan was stupefied. This Younger Martial Sister was most afraid of Elder Martial Brother Yun Zhongzi. She didn't expect to ask him in front of her today. Little Kong Xuan shook his head and said, "What else can I do? I've been traveling back to Zhongnan Mountain for hundreds of years, but I've refined a lot of things.". Even the teacher's Taixuan Yin and Yang Shen Jian was imitated by him, but it was not very practical, and it was really good to decorate the cave house all of a sudden. When I left for my brother, he told me that he was going to visit Guangchengzi in Taoyuan Cave of Jiuxian Mountain, saying that he wanted to see the seal of heaven again and again, and then imitate this rare treasure, ha ha ha! "Oh!" Seeing Kong Xuan say so, the Qing Taoist just said, "Oh, no more words." Elder Martial Brother, please enter the palace. Since the birth of Yujingshan, Elder Martial Brother is the first to come as a guest. The Taoist of the Qing Dynasty stretched out his hand and invited Kong Xuan to enter the Qingxian Palace. Alas, such a catastrophe has come. I want to go to the human world for my brother. If Younger Martial Sister has nothing to do, she will close the mountain gate and don't go out. Wait until after the disaster, and then come back. Originally, I wanted to go to Changyang Mountain, but I didn't expect that the amulet had only been sent out for a few days before I learned that the three Younger Martial Brothers had closed the cave and would not welcome outsiders. In this way, I'll have a chat with Younger Martial Sister here, and then I'll go to the world for my brother. If we meet again in the future,gold cil machine, I'm afraid we'll have to wait until after the catastrophe. The Taoist of the Qing Dynasty also heard about the robbery from Mingyu. Did not expect to come so soon, and Kong Xuan after some inquiries, and learned that the God war, then secretly decided not to go in. I'm sick today, and I owe a chapter to be finished tomorrow. [www.] Chapter three hundred and seventy-three grand master Wen Zhong The ventricle only stayed in Yujingshan for more than ten days. wWW! After confessing a big poison to the Taoist of the Qing Dynasty and closing the Liao Gate without seeing outsiders. He left Yujingshan. Originally, he also wanted to visit Kunwu and other three younger martial brothers. Unexpectedly, before coming to Yujing Mountain, he got the jade amulet of Shang Yang,coltan ore processing, saying that he had closed the Changyang Mountain Cave Mansion and only waited for the catastrophe to pass before opening it, so Kong Xuan could not disturb it again. Out of Yujing Mountain, Kong Xuan drove the cloud straight to Dongsheng Shenzhou. There are four continents in the world, of which Dongsheng Shenzhou is called the human world for monks, while the other three States are not inhabited by human beings, most of which are occupied by monks. The school was founded and called the Earth Immortal Realm. The four States across the vast sea, extraordinary people can cross, since it is nine tripod warriors want to cross the sea to other States is also a narrow escape from death, more difficult. Therefore, the human race does not know that Dongsheng is beyond Shenzhou. There are other continents. Only when all monks live in the famous mountains and great rivers of Dongsheng Shenzhou, it is also the reason why many people who ask for immortals can hardly find a real Taoist monk. Although this Kong Xuan has the intention to participate in the catastrophe, in order to temper the heart of Tao, want to go further, in order to cut off a corpse to achieve the state of detachment. Not only did Kong Xuan have this intention, but Yun Zhongzi also wanted to take this opportunity to cut off the corpse of the idea. Under the door of Mingyu, only their three brothers are expected to reach the state of decapitation in the near future. These three have been practicing with Mingyu. Entry is very fast, mineral flotation ,tin beneficiation plant, but because of Mingyu's love, there is no big disaster. Less suffering and tempering. The practice of Taoism is not perfect.all the princes returned to Shang". After the Shang Dynasty, the people of Duan inherited the government of Tang Dynasty,gold CIP machine, so that the world was quickly cultivated after the Xia Dynasty was destroyed, and only twenty or thirty years later, it reached the peak of the Xia Dynasty. ore-magnetic-mining.com