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Prehistoric Fengshen Professional

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See Ruyi golden cudgel instantly become ten thousand feet long, with a broken wind to the North Sea Dragon King Ao Liang to hit down, Ruyi golden cudgel weight 13500 jins, is a God precious iron, invincible, holding some son will die, knock some son will die, next to the broken skin, wipeters. Six ears saw their own blow, unexpectedly unable to break the long worm defense in front of them,316 stainless steel plate, some surprised. Thousands of years ago, the dragon, the phoenix, and the kylin were the overlords of the flood and famine. Ao Liang was able to be the dragon king of the North Sea, and his cultivation was naturally not low. Apart from the three remaining dragon gods at the beginning of the Dragon Han Dynasty, his strength was the highest. Naturally, he could not be defeated by six ears and one blow. Now the dragon clan is not as weak as it was when Nezha and Sun Wukong were bullied at will in the battle of gods and Buddhism. When the millions of demons behind the Six Ears saw the Six Ears show their power, they could not help beating gongs and drums, waving flags and shouting, and Ao Quan and others could not help looking ugly. As a proud dragon clan,x60 line pipe, Ao Liang was hit by six ears and almost fell to the ground. He could not help singing and roaring wildly. His eyes as big as a hill came out with red light. The red light turned into substance and hit six ears, bun light and a loud roar, he blocked the golden cudgel. As soon as the two sides struck, Ao Quan's arms were tingling. Ao Quan was the current head of the Dragon Clan. Although he did not have the same quasi-holy cultivation as Candle Dragon, uns s32750 sheet ,x52 line pipe, the ancestor of the Dragon Clan, he also reached the middle stage of Da Luo Jinxian. Although his six ears were born with divine power, his Taoism was a little worse after all. He was blocked by this and withdrew several miles. "What's the matter?" Said Six Ears with a smile? If your men can't do it, you're going to do it yourself? Long Aoquan's face turned red and white. He sneered, "You're a monkey. I don't need to do it. Since you're so arrogant, I woo the Four Spirits Flag and detained the soul of the vermilion bird into the Four Spirits Flag,x60 line pipe, only to see that on the surface of the four spirits flag, opposite the basalt, there were more vermilion birds in the south. It is a pity that Zhu Niao's countless yuan will become a pie in the sky. lksteelpipe.com