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Poison Queen of the Reborn General Professional

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As soon as Shen Miao's heart moved, he had nothing to say. She knew the identity of Gao Yang, because the former Ming Qi tribute, not Xie Jingxing, but Gao Yang, at that time she as a pshu to mention it to her. If I don't come back later, you can go back to the city with my aunt. She'll send you to the Prince's Palace." "You didn't come back later?" Shen Miao looked at him suspiciously. In fact, Xie Jingxing is very confident in doing things. In Ming Qi, as the prince of Linan Hou Mansion,inflatable amusement park, he was able to complete his plan with ease under the covetous eyes of the Fu family, which was enough to show that he was not a person who would act in a hurry. But this time Shen Miao's as she looked back, she felt something falling on her. She looked down and saw Mrs. Ye looking at her at the summer banquet that day. Mrs. Ye,Inflatable bouncer, dressed in light clothes for walking, stoosaid, "They are in the outfield. They can't affect the situation. Don't worry." When Shen Miao looked at Mrs. Ye again, Mrs. Ye had already turned to talk to another lady. She suppressed the uneasiness in her heart and had to give up. When the time is right, the hunt will begin. Those who came today were all officials whose status was not low in Longye. The officials accompanied them to hunt, and the women's families just followed them to watch the fun. The bolder and the more playful followed them to the outfield, while the quieter ones waited outside the paddock. Coincidentally, Lu Waner also came today. Lu Waner is also about to dress up carefully, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable dry slide, that is, riding clothes are also very beautiful, lining her whole person is very beautiful. If there is no Shen Miao, about she is also the most eye-catching person in this occasion, Jing Fei and Lu Waner are sisters after all, spoiled by the Lu family, the daughter's temperament is not empty. Just Shen Miao is also here, then lining her a bright pink riding outfit frivolous, just look is charming, can stand with Rui Wang, but there is a kind of nondescript feeling. It is no wonder that there is a strange sense of harmony between Xie Jingxing and Shen Miao. Rui Wang then forget it, after all, is the brother of Yongle Emperor, the real Tianhuang nobles, elegant Tiancheng on the line. But Shen Miao was a girl from an ordinary official family in the Ming and Qi Dynwho said that Miss Lu Si was playing the lute in the Jinghua Palace and asked my brother to listen to it. The king heard that day and said it was comparable to the crow. Miss Lu Si,Inflatable water park on lake, can't you tell irony from flattery? It really needs the guidance of a famous teacher. Shen Miao almost did not stop laughing out loud, but did not find that Lu Waner was so stupid. Xie Jingxing speaks and never show mercy, where will scruple around there is no one. joyshineinflatables.com

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