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Plant hormones and plant growth regulators (very complete) Professional

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Original Title: Plant Hormones and Plant Growth Regulators (Very Complete) In recent years, the market of plant growth regulators is unusually hot, and many plant growth regulator manufacturers have risen rapidly. What is plant growth regulator? Why can such a small bottle have such a magical effect? Are plant growth regulators and plant hormones the same thing? What are the current categories of plant growth regulators? Is it necessary for all crops to use plant growth regulators? How can plant growth regulators be applied safely? Whaies and regions in the world. Compound sodium nitrophenolate is also used in animal husbandry and fishery to improve the yield and quality of meat, eggs, hair and skin, as well as to enhance the immunity of animals and prevent various diseases. Brassinolide Other names brassinolide, brassinosterol, Nongleli, Tianfengsu, Yifengsu, BR-120, etc. Brassinolide, whose chemical name is 2α, 3α, 22s, 23s-tetrahydroxy-24R-ethyl-β-homo-7-oxa-5α-cholest-6-one, decarboxylation after extraction ,wiped film evaporator, is an artificial compound of biomimetic plant endogenous hormone-brassinolide. That common preparation include 0. 01% brassin lactone emulsifiable concentrate, 0. 2% brassin lactone soluble powder, 0.1% of brassinolide soluble powder, 0.15% of emulsifiable concentrate and 0.04% of aquazole: 2- (thiazol-4-yl) benzimidazole. Junlingperature, so that the control effect on Penicillium, green mold and stem rot is good. To prevent and control the decay of bananas during storage and transportation, bananas are soaked in 450 to 600 times diluent of 45% he oranges. The storage time can be prolonged by storing in a refrigerator. In addition, iprodione is often used to control bacterial diseases of various vegetables, melons and fruits, and is a broad-spectrum contact fungicide. Can be used for preventing and treating ectivesistance, disease resistance and insect resistance. The types include anti-kinetin + abscisic acid, cytokinin + auxin + gibberellin,cbd centrifugal extractor, ethenolide + gibberellin, salicylic acid + gene activator, etc. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. toptiontech.com

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