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Picked up the sick prince Private

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He knew her alertness, but he had been the shadow of others for decades, and it was not difficult for him to master the feeling that there was no existence and no threat. But for the first time, it was used to help people keep warm. Reciprocity, gratitude.. He explained his behavior in this way. Chapter 005: Pointing. This time Yu Qiao and Xie Yun left for a long time, Xie Yun sent a moment in a daze,7g Ozone Generator, began to pack things, limited to his hands can reach those. Most of them are Yu Qiao's utensils for treating his wounds, medicine bowls, medicine hoes, silk cloth. It is not easy for Yu Qiao to collect all these in her wandering, but it also shows her ability. Wipe off the stains on the utensils with hay, put them aside, touch them with your hand, and the stick that Yu Qiao never left his hand. Xie Yun raises eyebrow, he knows this is not Yu Qiao carelessly forget, but she just in case leave for him to defend oneself to use. Kitahara Ironwood. The Liya continent has a vast territory. In addition to the fragmented Great Qi Dynasty, to the north, there is the northern plain with snow all the year round. To the south, there is the southern Xinjiang with hot seasons. To the west, there are the western Xinjiang with boundless sand sea. To the east, there are the vast unknown sea areas. There are few people in these places, but there are also talented people who are very interested in them. This Beiyuan Tiemu is one of the Beiyuan specialties they brought back. It is as hard as iron stone, but lighter than iron stone. It is hard to find. I don't know how Yu Qiao got it. Xie Yun held it, but no longer wiped it with hay. He slowly closed his eyes and bathed in the morning light, ceramic bobbin element ,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, like an old monk in meditation. Yu Qiao and Qin Shu came back to see such Xie Yun, his whole body has a kind of inexplicable charm, however, they did not understand. Qin Shu scratched his head and thought he was still resting, but Yu Qiao noticed his mood. Qin Shu was a little worried when he was excited. He glanced at Yu Qiao's hand and then glanced at her shoulder. I said it's all right, "Yu Qiao in the face of serious Xie Yun, inexplicably some shortness of breath, can not help but turn around and stare at the talkative Qin Shu," burn up the fire,ceramic bobbin heater core, drink fish soup today! " Roasted to eat more convenient, but the fish soup is more tonic, Xie Yun can also eat some. global-ceramics.com