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Perfect world Private

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On the other side of the valley, in the pure land isolated by the law array, there is a building with different styles, just like the corner of Wu Wang Fu, much like Shi Hao's birthplace. A man was sitting in a bamboo grove, his body flowing, his eyes closed, as if detached from things, silent and motionless. Suddenly, he opened his eyes, stood up and said, "Haoer.." What's wrong with me? Why do I feel.. There he is! A beautiful woman looked up and said,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, "Haoer often goes into the valley. Isn't it normal for him to come?" "No, it's our Haoer in Shiguo, he." It's really coming, very close to us! The man's eyes shot out two divine electricity, and his body trembled slightly. Haoer.. The woman's voice is also trembling, there is a feeling in the dark, let her beautiful eyes open very big, trembling way: "He is … …" In the valley, very close! Chapter 0493 God. Ancient trees are tall, branches are like old dragons, crystal leaves are few,Kamado bbq grill, sparse embellishment, and the flow of the road is charming. This is an old tree that has lived for many years, and the gods of the past Dynasties have all sat under the tree, so that it has a complicated way to explain the road. The gods either pass away or enter the upper world, and the only thing that remains unchanged is that this old tree is still rooted here. I want to see my parents. Shi Hao said, although the heart ups and downs, but did not shout, but did not get up to action, just calm way. Here, he really experienced a feeling that the road was like the sky and the sky was like a deep valley, so close to the road that he could reach out and touch it. Sitting under the tree, his restlessness disappeared, his anger extinguished, and his mind gradually calmed down, greatly influenced by the old tree and the gods under it. Under the tree, this God sits cross-legged, very detached, although it is a man, but that kind of beauty is extraordinary and refined, like not belonging to the human world, Alumina Ceramic C795 ,Ceramic Bobbin, ethereal as a true immortal. Shi Hao has never seen such a person, so sitting there, can affect the whole piece of heaven and earth, making it a divine land. The petals are glittering and falling down. This person has a kind of charm that truly transcends all living beings.  The Valley of the Gods, under the five peaks of Mount Bulao, is full of clouds and fog, ancient medicines one after another, and some special auspicious animals, which are very peaceful. However, under the gaze of this person, everything seems to be bleak, full of a solemn atmosphere. In the valley, Shi Hao was shocked. The grand voice stirred people's hearts and made him tremble. Is what he said true? He could not help but look under the old tree, sitting like a God and Buddha smiling with flowers, absolutely vulgar and detached, surrounded by clear petals, not stained with the earthly atmosphere. The God under the tree has already entered the upper world. Why can he manifest here? "I was wandering in Taixu, and this happened to me. I wanted to send him to the upper world and become my disciple." The God whispered under the tree, and the golden armor on his body radiated brilliance. Rumor has it, you're in bad shape. You may be dead. Is this your obsession, or is it a projection from the upper world? In front of the bronze hall, Qin Wu stood tall and asked coldly. You're not dead. Catastrophe comes, you are to borrow and come, also want to seek opportunity?! Qin Wu continued to speak. Shi Haoyi Rin, what I experienced today is a bit strange.  On Bulao Mountain, in front of the Bronze Hall, Qin Wu stepped out with a roar. In an instant, the world turned pale and the thunder shook the sky. There is an altar in front of the bronze hall, which is very special. It is also made of bronze. There are some luminous bloodstains on it, which were left by the sacrifice not long ago. Now,cordierite c520, Qin Wu shot, move to a bronze cover, directly sealed the altar!. global-ceramics.com