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Painting horror Professional

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The herdsman crawled in front of him and waited for him for a while. By the way, he answered, "Maybe they have their own ways. Don't underestimate the ancients. The person who can break through the illusion in the painting and finally find here according to the clues is not a person with average ability and poor consideration." "That's right." Ke Xun said no more and climbed to the edge of the top of the altar with Mu Yiran. The rope was thrown to the other side of the altar, and someone caught it and tied it to the car. The rope was tied with a string of ropes, forming a rope ladder, and the people below could climb up on the ropes. Yue Cen was tied up behind Li Xiaochun. She abandoned her wheelchair and took a pair of crutches. Although it may not take a while, she said she did not want to sit on the altar before she died. Thirteen people, unwilling and unwilling, finally came to the edge of the top of the altar together. Luo and Wu cried and almost fainted. Everyone hung on the edge of the altar and looked at each other, as if at this time, as long as one person said, "Let's go, don't die," all of them would respond immediately, and then quickly returned to the ground, sat in the car, and fled here without looking back. But no one can say that. No one was willing to be the first to say the "let's go" curse. Thirteen people looked at each other, silent,Kava Root Extract, gasping with difficulty, crying helplessly. As time goes by, people selfishly and greedily hold on to their fewer and fewer lives. Until in the raging storm, like bubbles rising from the surface of boiling water, strange and horrible shapes gurgled outward, wrapped in the wind membrane,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, and were about to break out. Ke Xun gritted his teeth and shouted, "Guys, do you have any last words to say?"? Last chance! "-My God!"! Next life you must let me incarnate a rich young master! Li Xiaochun tore his heart and lungs and shouted. Dad! Mom! I'll be your daughter in my next life! Wu you cried and shouted. Next life, give me a home. Fang Fei, word for word. Mom and Dad-Dongzi is not filial, here to kowtow to you two elders forever- "Weidong cried and hit his head against the altar wall." I hope I can live a plain life in my next life. "I don't want to die." "Mom and Dad, I love you." "May this matter end here once and for all." It's a pity, but. That's it. "Goodbye, my friends." "Goodbye, earth." "Yes, I love you." "I love you." "Goodbye." "Goodbye." …… "Go ahead." Ke Xun said. Thirteen men stretched out their arms and legs and climbed up the altar together. Chapter 373 Mountain and Sea 27. The violent wind seemed to be suddenly furious, and at the moment when the crowd turned over the altar, it tore open a huge draught and rolled down from the sky to the earth with the momentum of a whale swallowing, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Glucono Delta Lactone, swallowing the whole altar into the eye of the storm. The huge wind body rolled crazily, forming a huge tornado that reached the sky and the earth.Until the bullets of the guns in everyone's hands ran out, the tornado column was not affected at all, it continued to grow,D BHB Factory, it continued to tear the wind membrane, and the howling of demons and ghosts was like a summer cicada that had been magnified a hundred million times, and continued to make noises that made people want to go crazy without any interruption. pioneer-biotech.com

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