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Oriental Jade Dragon Ball Private

1 month ago Fashion, Home & Garden Baytown   22 views

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Location: Baytown
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Wen Guixiang heart great anger, eyes a note, just see fly down from the beam is Murong Zhen, unconsciously low laugh a way: "It's you!" Murong Zhen also sneer at a way: "Of course it's me. What can you do to me if your men are fixed by my'cloud beads'?" Smell sweet osmanthus face livid,cattle weight tape, a pair of phoenix eyes, hidden shooting machine, cold track: "I want you dead!" The voice exports, the sword potential slants to point to, the left wrist raises the place, waves a palm, toward Murong Zhen head-on split the past. Wen Guixiang's palm, without the slightest sound of wind or strong internal force, is the most powerful "cathode" of the Taiyin Sect "Palm"! Just as she was getting ready, she felt the wind blowing above her head, and a figure,Walking tape measure, like a flying bird, fell on her head! Wen Gui Xiang listened to the wind to identify the position, and found that the man rushed down from the air, with his feet on her head, and she immediately turned around and flew. Unscrew, at the same time the right hand with the potential to turn, toward Murong Zhen split a palm, up to meet the past. The figure falling from the sky gave a loud laugh, and its body slanted away, avoiding her palm, and fell to the ground. Lu Qiongyao took the antidote and nodded. Wen Guixiang saw Zhuo Yuxiang, more angry in the heart, Diameter tape measure ,Fish measuring board, right hand sword a vibration, the sword pointed at Murong Zhen, Li drink a way: "If you two leave here tonight, I won't be called Wen Guixiang." Murong Zhen snorted, "Wen Guixiang, what's so great about you?" Smell the sweet osmanthus sword a pendulum, said: "Come on, you two go together and try it!" Murong Zhen is also a very strong person. "What a witch," she said coldly. "Don't be so arrogant. A girl alone is enough to punish you." "" With a clang, the sword came out. When Zhuo Yuxiang was about to leave, Brother Bai confessed that Wen Guixiang was very good at martial arts. Wen Guixiang was not weak either, and when she saw Murong Zhen's sword moving forward, changing and advancing step by step, she was not impatient, and she had a long sword in her hand. Turn left and right, and draw a circle of silver rainbow in front of you to defuse the oncoming force. Neither compete with each other, just bury the bow to catch the beast, section. Section concession, but her sword is still very cautious, there is no defeat. Now she had retreated more than ten paces in a row, and she was about to see it. Back to the east wall, at this time, I saw her body like light smoke, a flash from the right side of Murong Zhen, mouth lightly shouted, sword! Urgent vibration, suddenly a sword slanted out.  The light of the sword is like The chain flew and the silver snake flashed, forcing Murong Zhen to return to the sword to protect herself, like a butterfly wearing flowers, floating around and not daring to strike hard. This is the way things are in the world. When you are prosperous and he is declining,Horse weight lbs, it is the time when he is declining and he is prosperous again. Wen Guixiang's round of attack, The sword is pungent, which is completely different from Murong Zhen's advance just now. Murong Zhen's set of "Guanyin Thousand Hands Sword" is fantastic. tapemeasure.net