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No woman in the world dies faster than the heroine. Private

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The middle-aged landlady pulled them apart with an angry face: "Who are you?" As if suddenly reacting, she smiled again: "Is it renting a house?"? Come on, come in and see. In her warm greeting, Peter and Harry looked at each other and walked into the room. "Why is there nothing here?"? Don't the old people live here anymore? "Oh,tile trim manufacturers, don't mention it!"! I am so pitiful! The woman wrinkled her face angrily and said, "When I came to collect this month's rent, I found that all the furniture had been moved!"! Nothing, you see, you see, left me a broken bed of unknown material,metal trim manufacturers, which could not be removed, and there was a chain welded to the leg of the bed on the ground! I'm so angry. Don't you think I'm unlucky?! This time, both Harry and Peter looked strange, and both quickened their steps almost at the same time when they heard "chains," and together they saw the cold iron bed and shackles in the innermost corner of the room. And the fetters are open, which means self-evident! Peter's face turned pale. The imagination in his mind was dangerous and terrible, but it seemed to be very close to reality. He almost retreated in a hurry and rushed up to talk about the heavy and cold chains in the palm of his hand. At this moment, he felt that the behavior of Tomie, as well as the danger and scrutiny of Wade's eyes, seemed to be answered in an instant! Tomie is in danger! She was imprisoned. "The author has something to say later." The author had something to say: she was afraid of implicating herself, but Peter found nothing! Harry patted Peter hesitantly on the shoulder in the midst of his collapse. "Are you, are you all right?" The boy who responded with a face full of anger and remorse: "I think Tomie must be in trouble." "We have to find a way to find her!" The author has something to say: Moh, china tile trim ,tile trim factory, Mo, Mo! You are so great. The babies who go to collect my new articles are all angels! Don't stop! Just see the little cutie, please go to the collection of "eccentricity"! Bi Xin Xin! Then! Because the new article is received in advance, some little cuties think it will be over soon. Well, although I really hope it will be over soon, they haven't come out yet, so there should be no 2333 so soon. I just want to get it in advance for my next article.  Is he serious? "No, no, to have a young girl home before 7 o'clock is not serious but unreasonable!" Tomie did not refute the "he" in Wayne's mouth, which shows that the other side is indeed a man: "There is some seriousness.. No, rather, I think it's a very quiet person, but that's why I don't want to trouble the other party. Tomie's embarrassed face wrinkled: "He is a good man, I do not want to speak ill of him, but choose to go back early is my own idea, you really misunderstood." Blues Wayne winked, "Are you traveling in Gotham?"? How long are you going to stay here? Maybe I can walk around with you. I think you can still trust me to know Gotham. Blues smiled, his emerald eyes beaming like jewels in the light. He put his lips to Tomie's ear, his voice low and hoarse. "After all, I'm from Gotham." Then the Blues saw Tomie freeze as if startled, her back straight,stainless steel tile edge trim, her cheeks flushed, her feet moving stiffly under the Blues's gaze, clumsily following his dance steps. jecatrims.com