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Nirvana in Fire Private

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 Of course, his vicious thoughts could not be said in front of the emperor. So before Emperor Liang asked, he quickly knelt down and said, "Your Majesty, I know I haven't got the evidence. I didn't want to say anything, but Your Majesty ordered me to say it. I dare not say it.". But in the face of such a charge, King Jing's royal Highness naturally also want to try to argue, so quarrel will never have a result,tape measure clip, but only make your majesty upset. But You can't stop investigating such a big event as breaking into the yamen and plundering against the sky just because it's difficult to investigate. The man was lost in the hands of the Hanging Mirror Division, and the old minister was duty-bound. If he did not get to the bottom of it, he would be ashamed to see your majesty. It's just that the situation is complicated, involving royal dignitaries, and the old minister would like to ask for a decree of grace, so as not to be obstructed when investigating related people. Emperor Liang glanced at King Jing and hesitated. He is suspicious now, but this matter really touches his bottom line, in any case, we must find out who will be wronged in the process, he does not care. Then Xia Qing is responsible for the in-depth investigation. However People who confirm that they have not gone out today in Jingwangfu will not be examined. If you want to touch someone under his command, you'd better tell him in advance. Jing Yan, you are the most suspected now, Wheel tape measure ,Pi tape measure, and you have to understand yourself. "If Xia Qing tells you in advance who you're going to bring to trial, you can't stop him." Xiao Jingyan's face was tense, but she couldn't say anything. She had to kowtow and said, "I have received the order." "Thank you so much, His Highness King Jing." Xia Jiang's face flashed a cold sneer as if it had been impregnated with the poisonous water of hell, and he deliberately said word by word, "Now I want to mention an important person to the Hanging Mirror Department. Your Majesty, please allow me to retire.". I'm afraid it's too late to go.  When Xia Jiang paid close attention to King Jing's expression, King Yu was also staring at his younger brother. It only took a moment for the prince to know that Xia Jiang's old ginger was really hot enough. With one move, he hit King Jing's weakness and stabilized the disadvantage of sharp turning. But it was a pity that Emperor Liang could not see the fierce shaking expression of King Jing at that moment, because he was squinting his eyes at this time, as if he was recalling who Su Zhe was. What you said.. Is it Su Zhe, who is recommended by Princess Nihuang to be the chief examiner of the literary examination and is said to be famous all over the world? Liang Di didn't think long before he remembered, "He once defeated the Northern Yan with three young children." Who was that again.. I like this Su Zhe very much. Why is he involved in this matter? "Your Majesty knows that this Su Zhe has another identity?" "Oh?"? What "Your Majesty is in the ninth place, but have you ever heard of Nirvana in Fire?" "It's natural." "Counting this year's new list, Jiang Zuomeng is the fifth year in the world's largest gang, this Su Zhe is actually the current suzerain of Jiang Zuomeng Mei Changsu, your majesty knows?" "I know that." "Uh.." Xia Jiang was a little surprised, "Your Majesty knows?" "I had a tea chat with Su Zhe, he told me who he was at that time," Liang Di gazed at Xia Jiang, "Su Zhe is really talented, also has the heart of saving the world and serving the country, if not for his poor health, I would like to use him. Why, do you mean that he got close to Jing Yan when he was convalescing in the capital? "Not long after I returned to the capital, I didn't dare to talk nonsense.". But everyone knows who Mei Changsu is. Without flinching,horse weight tape, King Jing looked at Xia Jiang's glance and said, "I don't know how to calculate who is the man.". After Su Zhe was appreciated by His Majesty, nine out of ten people in the capital tried to make friends with him. tapemeasure.net