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My son is the prince of ancient and modern. Professional

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Song yuan is very helpless, "for me to Rong Ting, the impact is great, I still want him to settle in my name.". I'm obviously his mother, and I'm his sister to the outside world. He will be very hurt. Chen Lin Jingen said, "then follow the meaning of the garden." Song Haiping was in a hurry. "What about the future of the garden?" What future? Get married? "" Chen Linjing also put up with Song Haiping for a long time, "no matter what is going on, if yuanyuan wants to evade her responsibility as a mother, what about Rong Ting?"? Do you know how much this will affect the child? yuanyuan is his mother, so she has the responsibility and obligation to take care of him. What's more, if yuanyuan meets the right person in the future and conceals such an important thing, it is cheating marriage. When you men encounter this kind of thing, do you just want to escape and cheat? Put yourself in others' shoes. No one wants to be taken for a fool. Chen Linjing looked at Song yuan again. Her tone was calmer than before. "yuanyuan, mother doesn't want her daughter to be such a person. Be honest.". Yes, mom also knows that if you accept Rong Ting, your life will be more difficult than others, but this is not the reason and excuse for you to evade responsibility, he was brought into this world by you. "Mom and Dad can help you share the pressure of raising children, such as helping you take care of children when you are busy at work, such as helping you when you are under great financial pressure, but we can't replace you as his mother." Song yuan nodded, "Mom, I know, I didn't want to escape." Chen Linjing was relieved a lot, but she still couldn't hold back a hard look at Song Haiping. She always felt that her ex-husband was teaching her badly under the banner of being good for her daughter. Again, your future doesn't depend on anyone else. Chen Linjing slowed down again, "As for Rong Ting's living expenses and education expenses, don't worry about that, your mother and I are still breathing." Song Haiping felt that his ex-wife was really scheming. Although he thought so,portable gold wash plant, he did not forget to promise his daughter, "yuanyuan, don't be afraid. Dad is still here. Everything Dad has is for you. Don't be afraid and don't worry. Dad will do his best to help you." Rong Ting stood not far away with a beer. He leaned against the wall and couldn't help laughing as he listened to the words. Grandfather and grandmother both love their daughters, but in different ways. So he was relieved. Mother was right. She was really happy here. The author has something to say: I don't think the hour-long conversation between yuanyuan and her mother should be written in detail. It's just an explanation, an oath to God and so on. In fact, I can see that my grandfather and grandmother are not the same person at all, and their three outlooks are different, but yuanyuan is more like her mother in her bones. Tomorrow is the second watch, let me slow down ~ 、023. Since his parents knew the existence of Rong Ting one after another, the big stone in Song yuan's heart also fell to the ground. She lost that memory, to accept that she had given birth to a child, the child appeared in front of her this matter, in fact, is very difficult, she is not as optimistic and calm as she showed, sodium cyanide price ,chrome washing machine, she was afraid, do not know how to face, do not know how to go on in the future. However, her inner panic, The days are relatively peaceful and peaceful. Rong Ting is also more and more integrated into this era day by day. He has learned how to play Ipad and watch TV,small gold wash plant, but he is also a very self-disciplined child. Even if he is curious and wants to watch, he will not spend more than half an hour on it every day. Most of the time, he reads books and absorbs everything in this era. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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