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My husband is a warlord. Professional

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A doctor came shakily and saw the four-legged tiger in the fence His legs were even weaker Hearing that the tiger was hungry and dizzy he knelt down and begged for mercy "Jun Ye the little one is almost 60 years old The little meat is very old and not y six or seven doctors at the door There was no way to go on like this Xu Bao cried without tears remember the first big family the daughter to see a doctor is hiding in bed stretched out a hand let the doctor feel the pulse So he asked fifty men to carry the fainted cat to the bed cover it with the quilt put down the bed curtain put one of the cat's paws outside and then send for Computer Hardware & Software the doctor All the doctors in the vicinity had been invited and there was only one doctor sitting in a pharmacy He was old and inconvenient to move around so he did not make house calls on weekdays But the biggest official in Quyang County was invited and he had to be carried even if he couldn't walk As soon as the old doctor entered the room he saw this posture Master Jun and his wife were both standing there sadly The bed curtain was tightly covered and they didn't know who it was His old eyes were dim and he had to be supported by the soldiers However he was polite enough He and Wu Anguo and Xu Bao saluted sepag irescribe medicine only the dead cat can be treated as a living cat The old doctor prescribed the medicine and Xu Bao asked his men to give the medicine to the big cat He was afraid that the big cat would suffer from the medicine At this tense time China Factory he specially prepared a large piece of raw meat for it When I'm ready to give him the medicine After taking the medicine the big cat did not move at all Xu Bao threw the raw meat in When the big cat smelled the smell of bloody meat he opened his eyes turned over cried out and began to eat meat Xu Bao believed that the doctor had cured her big cat and insisted on sending a plaque to the old doctor Hua Tuo was reborn That old doctor is very complacent hear Xu Bao say "You gave the disease too much to do although the surrender of friendly things but it is not not to return wait for you to go back to you so did not encounter too much resistance At the same time Wu Anguo remembered that when Shiqing left he explained that the Chemicals heads of several casinos in the county were all confidants he had arranged in the early days to find out information and so on which was useful at the critical moment He called the men in and told them to accept weaponered around to watch the fun want to see the casino in the end do not keep their word if you break the wrist is not able to get everything back trade-global.com

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