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My dad says he's a God. Professional

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"Porridge picked the fruit from our orchard yesterday and came to school with a schoolbag on his back, saying that he wanted to give it to his classmates." Jin Shen said as he handed the bulging schoolbag to the teacher. The teacher saw the smile of the porridge father, very surprised, took thrincess sister and continue to protect the princess sister is that he promised his father a lot of things, and she will not be a hero for a long time. Because his father asked him to choose between being a hero and protecting the princess sister, he chose to protect the princess sister. But none of these things he will tell the princess sister, he will not let the princess sister sad. Hu Chengxiao took Princess Sister's hand and said, "Princess Sister, I will always protect you in the future." Congee looked at his good friend and said, "I don't want you to protect me. My father will protect me." Hu Chengxiao is not angry: "Then I will also protect you." Hearing all this, Jin Shen and Death II said, "… …" Death No.2 thought,large ficus tree, now the kindergarten is so sadistic, silly son, you see you have given up the dream of being en children. Jin Shen had already left. Death II was very happy, and then he felt something black hitting him, and Death II,silk cherry blossom tree, Hu Fu, reflexively took over. It turned out to be a bulging black briefcase, which was quite heavy, and Jin Shen threw it to him. Hu Fu felt strange in his heart, was it a bomb bag? This guess a moment is not calm, Hu Fu hurriedly carrying a black briefcase to the other direction, after all, here is the kindergarten gate, if something really happened, he can not afford the responsibility. The more Hu Fu thought about it, the more afraid he was. He was frightened all the way. Finally, he stopped at the riverside bridge. He put the black briefcase outside the bridge, artificial plant wall panels ,artificial banyan trees, and then carefully opened the black briefcase. He was prepared to throw it down if he saw something dangerous. Then the briefcase was opened, and a few small yellow oranges slipped out and fell into the river. There was a big bag of other fruits in the briefcase. At the moment, they all give off an attractive fragrance. So, Jin Shen gave him a bag of fruit? And it's quite fresh. Now Hu Fu couldn't figure out what the other side was thinking. On the school side, porridge porridge brought a bag of fruit to share with everyone, and then took two more to Hu Chengxiao. Of course, porridge was secretly given to Hu Chengxiao. Hu Chengxiao also knew that he was more than others, and his heartwants his own baby, after listening to other people's children, Jin Shen thinks his daughter is lovely. Standing behind Jin Shen is also a young father, after all, everyone's children are in a kindergarten school, although Jin Shen looks difficult to approach, but the other side is still accosted. "Brother,Faux cherry blossom tree, is your child in the big class, the small class, the baby class or the middle class?" Jin Shen: "Taipan." 。 hacartificialtree.com

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