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Mr. Antique, come to my bowl. Private

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 A total of ten students, do not need to cover the name, and then find a few teachers to correct directly,hot tub spa manufacturers, each paper needs at least three teachers to score, and then take the average score. After turning over, Lu Xiaoqiao's paper was taken out. Professor Fan laughed as soon as he saw Lu Xiaoqiao's answer. Aware of Professor Fan's good mood, Mr. Xia and Mr. yuan also looked at Lu Xiaoqiao's paper, "It seems that." The plate you prepared specially did not deceive her! On the label of the plate used for examination, it was written that it was a lotus leaf plate in Daoguang,endless pool factory, Qing Dynasty. But in fact, the plate is half fake and half old imitation. The so-called old imitation refers to the imitation of the cultural relics of the former Dynasties by the Dynasties before liberation. That is to say, the old imitation is also an antique. The old imitation of the half of the plate is the lotus leaf plate imitating Daoguang in the Republic of China. The other half is a completely modern imitation. Ordinary students, when they see the label saying Qing Daoguang Lotus Leaf Plate, pass the identification and their first reaction is fake. But when you see the crack, you will find that it is half true and half false. Can find the so-called "true" half is the old imitation, temporarily on the road Xiaoqiao one. Hearing Mr. Xia and Mr. yuan praise Lu Xiaoqiao, Professor Fan smiled at the corners of his mouth, "I said this girl is very talented." Then Professor Fan found Zhou Nanying's paper. Zhou Nanying has made great progress-compared with other students in the appraisal department. But the identification of the lotus leaf plate can only be said to be half right and half wrong, not as good as Lu Xiaoqiao. Professor Fan could not help but "hum" a, endless swimming pool ,endless swim pool, Zhou Nanying she has a good grandfather to teach, natural progress, but. Obviously not enough! Thanks to Lao Zhou, he boasted that his granddaughter was talented and wanted him to accept Zhou Nanying as an apprentice! I'm glad I didn't say yes! Professor Fan still remembers that he was forced to open the back door for her by his old friend with friendship, and his heart has been uncomfortable! Lu Xiaoqiao did not know about a conversation in the office. After thinking about it, Lu Xiaoqiao made a phone call to Lu's father-she wanted to sell the dragon and phoenix bowl in the bank safe. She already has a more valuable Northern Song Dynasty Ru kiln azure glazed teacup in her hand, so the dragon and phoenix bowl can be sold to improve her life or make some reasonable investments.  As for buying a house.. I'll have a good chat with you when Dad comes. After Lu Xiaoqiao hung up the phone, he was still somewhat puzzled. What's there to talk about buying a house? Still so serious?! …… Two days have passed since the mid-term examination. Lu Xiaoqiao received a phone call from Uncle Xu. Xu Zhonglei and his wife said that they would invite Lu Xiaoqiao to dinner, which was really not a casual remark. I heard that Lu Xiaoqiao had an important exam before, and it was not easy to disturb him, so it was only delayed for a few days. This is not! Lu Xiaoqiao finished the exam here and the phone came over. Little Joe! Have you finished the exam? Xu Zhonglei said on the phone, "Your aunt called you to come home for dinner and said she wanted to thank you very much!"! Shall we make an appointment for this weekend? Lu Xiaoqiao laughed as soon as he heard Uncle Xu's words. "Uncle Xu, you really don't have to be so polite. That pastel vase can pick up leaks. That's why you bought it because you believed me.". Otherwise, if you meet someone who doesn't believe it,Chinese spa manufacturer, tell him there's a leak and he won't pick it up! Lu Xiaoqiao would tell Xu Zhonglei at that time that he was really looking at other people's good and heroic atmosphere. Thank you for telling me and taking me to pick up the leak! Xu Zhonglei said, "Let's not push it around like this, can we just do it this Saturday?" 。 monalisa.com