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Move to hunt the Private

1 month ago Fashion, Home & Garden Baytown   87 views

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Zhao Kuan's face was so smelly that he did not answer Wu Yaojiu's words.    Zhao Kuan, who stopped in the middle of the nine, stared and cursed and said, "Last time I came here, I only focused on fighting." When Liu Yuzhe was scolded for no reason,push back racking system, she was stunned at first. Then Xiumei said with a calm face, "Smelly and fat, what are you mad about?" She thought she had ignored Zhao Kuan these two days, and Zhao Kuan was making use of the topic to play. Feng Mengsheng is a surprise in the heart, Zhao Kuan angry on behalf of the matter is no small matter, what did he ignore in the end? But Zhao Kuan said, "You do what you have to do. Don't worry about me and Li Hong. If you have spare capacity, come and help." As soon as he finished speaking, he led Li Hong to fly straight ahead,Automated warehouse systems, all the way along the mask passage composed of nine people, until he stopped right above the group of people. No one knows what Zhao Kuan wants to do, and Li Hong, who follows him without saying a word, naturally has no idea at all, but he is not in a hurry to ask, anyway, Zhao Kuan will say when he should say it, and he can't miss it. The women and children of the Shu family below naturally looked straight up in surprise. Of course, there were Ban Xiurong and others among them. When they saw these two people suddenly flying in, they could not help whispering to each other and were quite worried. Spread out, spread out. Zhao Kuan is hurriedly down command, to the bottom of the people don't all crowded in one place, they can only do it, after all, now there is no resistance, the fat man above seems to be crazy, industrial racking systems ,pallet rack shelving, or listen to orders. Feng Mengsheng sent out his palm strength and looked forward doubtfully, seeing fewer and fewer strange beasts in front of the mask, representing that the mask was getting closer and closer to the "one-way jumping wall", and until the moment of contact, the crowd would open the front end of the close place, and then with the approach of the "one-way jumping wall", they would slowly withdraw their strength until all the people in front left the jumping wall.    In short, Zhao Kuan and Li Hong are almost too busy, and the protected Shu family is now almost like a paper figure, a casual touch is either dead or injured, although the two are doing their best, but also carefully control the strength to avoid injury, is really busy sweating. Rao was guarded by two people with all their strength. The lightsabers whirled and colored lights exploded in the field,industrial racking systems, but no one knew where the monster would appear. The Shu family still suffered heavy casualties. In a short moment, more than 20 people lay down, screaming and crying. kingmoreracking.com