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Master Buddha Private

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All the people were frightened, but they did not dare to make a noise, and even no one doubted the truth of what I said. Because, my deeds, has been in China's underworld, spread. In one person, resist the invasion of hundreds of small devils. At that time, he was shot by Dugu Sheng. Not only did he not die, but he woke up again. In one move, he killed all the rest of the Dugu family. This is strength, a kind of strength like a myth. At the same time, let everyone know that I and the Dugu family will have a hatred that can not be resolved. Today, I am going to tell all the people once again, tell them a fact that those who offend me must die. Countless smoke, as if regular, and as if planned, came over behind me. More seriously, as if they were under my command, they congealed behind me into an eight-armed Asura, holding eight different kinds of instruments, looking at all the people with a cold face. The Asura is a demon, and the Asura is also a Buddha. It seems that I want to tell everyone that I may be a Buddha or a demon. I can save people, and I can also kill people. Although some of them have seen me show such a strange scene, but still can not help but tremble. Suddenly, at this time, I showed a smile like the warm wind in spring, and my tongue was full of Sanskrit sounds. "Why don't you do it?" I asked. As if to confirm my words,plastic wheelie bins, the old ghosts shouted angrily in unison, and the heavy AK47, which had been prepared for a long time, rang. Like me, Wu Kun came to the number one hiding place of the axe gang a little earlier than me. But unlike me, Wu Kun is only one person. Six people, all sent out by him, clear the rest of the location. Wu Kun, on the other hand, took a confused look into the distance,stackable plastic pallets, as if he had seen me start, sighed slightly, and strode forward. A few small hoodlums who were smoking and keeping vigil at the door were talking arrogantly about the woman who had slept with someone yesterday, or that woman was really very coquettish. Just then, I saw Wu Kun coming with a steady pace. A small hoodlum jumped out for the first time, stopped Wu Kun, and said: "Private territory, no one is allowed to enter." Wu Kun did not answer, or rather, the answer was a deadly dagger. Wu Kun raised his hand and threw it, and a dagger shot out. The gangster could only feel a sore throat, and then heard a grinning sound like water coming out of a tap, spraying out of his throat. Then he lost consciousness and crawled on the ground with a bang. Eyes empty without a trace of brilliance, stare big, die in his grave. All of a sudden, small hoodlums frightened, one by one out of a pistol, can only fire a shot. Then one by one felt like a throat, heavy duty plastic pallet ,foldable bulk container, following in the footsteps of the small hoodlum who shouted. Suddenly there was a noise around, and a group of people were driven out from inside. A kindly looking monk, faintly exceeding the speed of all the people, stood in front of Wu Kun with his hands clasped together and said, "Almsgiver, why are you so ruthless?" “” The big monk frowned, and soon put on a compassionate smile, fat body, just like the smile of Maitreya, let a person look, suddenly feel good, produced a kind of incomparable feeling. With a generous and kind smile, he nodded to Wu Kun and said, "I don't know how we offended the benefactor and let the benefactor target us like this.". Also, we are all ancient warriors, why should we kill ordinary people. I advise the benefactor to lay down the butcher's knife and become a Buddha. “” Wu  his leg, and his leg went back. After Monk Buchen stood firm, he gave Wu Kun a complicated look and said, "Thank you, benefactor, for showing mercy. Buchen is no match for you.". I also ask the benefactor to make it clear what the so-called thing is. At this time,plastic trash bins, Wu Kun finally said the first sentence he said when he came here. That is: "I am here to kill." With that, like a wolf, he rushed out. cnplasticpallet.com

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