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Mad Emperor Private

1 month ago Fashion, Home & Garden Baton Rouge   24 views

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Location: Baton Rouge
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 Not good! See will be trapped in the ghosts, fortunately, the spirit of the flow of faint on the platform to block the invasion of her mind'resentment ', spirit platform Pure Brightness to come over, the secret way of the sound is not good, crazy in time to pull back to mind, concentrate on re-transport heart method pithy formula, automatically close the hearing, let the'previous life father Mo Qingwei'in that ghost roar ghost call, gradually, immersed in the realm of practice, He could no longer hear any'ghost cries'. Half ring, the ear of the ghost disappeared, once again feel the body slowly popular True Qi, crazy this just opened his eyes, previously pestering her'ghost 'disappeared. The corner of the mouth raised a smile, almost, she will'again 'die in the hands of'Mo Qingwei', is really'ghosts do not disperse 'ah! Xishan four ghosts this recruit'wronged ghost entangled 'fantasy is really fierce, even if you are a high-level master, as long as you have demons in your heart, once you enter the fantasy, it is difficult to break free, if not for her firm will, and the spirit of heaven and earth since childhood, the whole body is full of spirit,' hundred ghosts do not invade ', at this time must struggle in the fantasy, and eventually die of self-mutilation. She is just affected by this so scary, it can be imagined that Ling brother by the'ghost of injustice 'must be more than a hundred times. He hurriedly looked in the direction of Ling Aochen, and sure enough, he stood there alone, sweating, his handsome face twisted in pain because of panic, and his clear eyes gradually floated with despair. No, if it goes on like this, brother Ling will have an accident! In a hurry, he glanced at the four ghosts of the Western Hills, which were surrounded by a square. They were surrounded by strong and eerie True Qi, forming an indestructible barrier. Even though she was a master of the tenth order, she could not easily break it. Brother Ling's situation at this time was already very urgent. It seemed that he could only find a way to wake him up first. She did not know that at the moment when she turned her eyes and glanced at the four ghosts of Xishan, Ling Ao's desperate eyes flashed a sharp light, which was fleeting, and the despair in her eyes gradually dissipated, replaced by another strange light. Ling Aochen covered his chest tightly and seemed to be struggling fiercely. Just as he was about to sink and break through the illusion, a sharp voice suddenly pierced his eardrum, as if a vulture had found a dead body and found a strange cry, but it made his mind about to sink, and his eyes quickly recovered a trace of clarity. Pulling out the Jasper flute from his waist, enduring the pressure that seemed to squeeze his heart, relying on the mind pulled back, shuttle rack system ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, temporarily pressing down the illusion of'ghost hands' wrapped around his body with his mind, the slender ten fingers rose and fell a few times on the small holes of the Jasper flute, luck spat lightly, and in the blink of an eye, the intermittent beautiful rhythm poured out from the flute, and the pure sound of the heart made his heart slowly calm down.    Spring swallows whisper, green willows brush water, blue sky and white clouds, green mountains, they have always lived in the dark, lying on the soft grass, watching birds flying in the distance, enjoying the breeze, wandering in the endless sea of flowers, enjoying flowers blooming, tasting the feeling of fragrance and beauty.. Suddenly, the eyes appeared too many things to see, dazzling countless beauties, they or stand or sit,asrs warehouse, each wearing tulle, the inside of the gauze almost at a glance, it is exciting. jracking.com