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Love in the Imperial Palace of the Qing Dynasty: The Legend of Su Moer Private

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She let go of my hand and sat in her seat again. She was not afraid at all. Instead, she smiled at me. "This matter involves Yin Zhen. Will you have the heart to see him suffer?"? Even if you refuse to agree, I believe that you and Yin Zhen's past friendship is also unbearable. She, as expected, came prepared! Indeed, although I am not the moon, but how can the guilt of Yin Zhen let me do something to hurt him? It was because she had settled on the relationship between Mingyue and Yinzhen that she dared to discuss with me so bluntly. I don't want to break my face with her, but I don't want to help her either. "Since the empress is so straightforward, I also tell the empress that I can let the 14th Master sit in the position of prince just because I am spoiled now?"? The empress thought about it. Fourteen elder brothers were still young. They had no military achievements and no political achievements. Why did he sit in that position? Do you think it's possible for the empress to know the emperor about the things that have aroused criticism? "Besides, since the empress knows that the moon once had a relationship with the Fourteenth Master, the empress said that if I praised the Fourteenth Master in front of the emperor, my age was not much different from that of the 14th Master, what would the emperor think?"? Could it be that the empress forgot that I interceded for the Eighth Master that day, and what was the final result? The Eighth Master not only lost the chance to inherit the throne, but even lost the title. Could the empress have the heart to take risks? "I think the empress has been waiting for this chaotic period for many years, but she can't lose her mind because of the illusion of the moment. The 14th Master is not the only one who will suffer." Listening to me, she seemed to feel reasonable, and then laughed, "Sister is really witty ah, I have to admire very much!"! Just now I was just joking with my sister, and I knew that Yin Zhen didn't have that ability, so I just wanted to listen to my sister's analysis. The emperor has always been good to our sisters, how can I do something sorry for the emperor? "But now the situation is really like my painting, the older princes have their own ideas,plastic pallet suppliers, the emperor must be in a bad mood these days, sister and the emperor are closer, take more time to accompany the emperor.". All right, seriously, I should go, too. "Empress, take care!" Seeing her leave, I went to see the picture. She was right. The situation was so ordinary. But I believe that she really does not want me to help Yin Zhen today, she is a smart woman,ibc spill containment pallet, I understand that she naturally understands. However, it is not to let me accompany Xuan Ye, she is testing me! I just don't know what she will do after today's performance? Defei, I have paid off what I owe you. Don't push me too hard. Chapter VI Sealing 1 The sixth chapter of the article is sealed 1, although the undercurrent is turbulent, but the princes are still peaceful, as if last year did not happen to seize the throne. And Yin, a lot more low-key than before, Yin is more modest, on the surface seems to be a good thing. But how long can this'calm 'last? Even if it is an illusion, I hope it will last forever. As for Xuan Ye, he seldom talks about government affairs in front of me at ordinary times, and I don't want to ask, but he always finds out something in the dark. I can't do it any more. I'm afraid I'll hear something again. It's a foregone conclusion and I can't do anything about it. I know I can't ignore him any more. I must pay back what I owe him, at least to keep him. Then think of good imperial concubine because of Xuan Ye's words can not afford to fall ill, I am even more ashamed of Yin. Several elder brother is no action, but Xuanye some can not bear, plastic pallet crates ,drum spill pallet, in early September sealed Nian Gengyao for the governor of Sichuan, Nian Gengyao is Yin Zhen's confidant, naturally the most benefit is Yin Zhen. On the one hand, Xuan Ye is weakening the strength of other elder brothers, while on the other hand, he is increasing the strength of Yin Zhen. Others can not see what clues, the most understand Xuan Ye how can I not know? The only thing I don't understand is that at the end of October, that is, not long after he returned to Beijing, Xuan Ye was given the title of crown prince. How did Xuan Ye, who had been paving the way for Yin Zhen, suddenly turn around? In fact, I don't care, in the history of Yin, I was worried that Xuan Ye would no longer pay attention to Yin, in  than the average person. Chapter VI Sealing 2 The sixth chapter of the article was sealed 2. He held me tightly in his big warm hand, and when they both stepped into the inner room, he said,plastic pallet manufacturer, "The fourth brother sealed Prince Yong." Alas, I can't help sighing in my heart. He still thinks I don't know anything. It's a good thing. You let him go to the palace, and I'll give him a good celebration. 。 binpallet.com