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Love Alone--Ruoshi Anxuan Private

1 month ago Fashion, Home & Garden Baltimore   30 views

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Ji Nuannuan's body trembled and replied, "Yes." Su Yuncheng put his hands on Ji Nuannuan's fingers and asked in a deep voice, "Why didn't you wear a wedding ring?" Ji Nuannuan broke free and took out the necklace from his neck, with a ring hanging on it. " In the restaurant, Ji Xin was sitting in a wheelchair waiting, and when he saw them coming down, he smiled, "Eat quickly." "Well, good." Ji Nuannuan pulled out his hand and let Su Yuncheng sit on the other side, and she sat beside him. The servant brought up the rest of the dishes, and the three of them chatted briefly. The meal was very harmonious. After dinner, Ji Xin left time for the young couple, "I'm going to take a nap, and you two can go out for a walk." Su Yuncheng: "Good." — Ji Nuan and Su Yuncheng held hands, and the two of them walked slowly in the street. French afternoon, the sun is not too hot,medium duty racking, the wind is very warm, people have a relaxed and happy feeling. Especially, the street is the fragrance of flowers from time to time on the street, which makes people more intoxicated. Ji Nuannuan took Su Yuncheng's arm and put his head on his shoulder, following his steps. This feeling is like a couple in love.   Su Yuncheng took off the necklace from her neck, put on the ring for her personally, and told her: "Don't take it off." The ring on the ring finger, High Density Storage Drive In Rack ,heavy duty cantilever racks, as long as the man with long eyes, will not miss her again. Ji Nuannuan knew his careful mind, not angry but happy, nodded lightly, "well." The two men had a lingering kiss again. Ji Xin knew that Su Yuncheng would go back and said apologetically, "Thank you for letting Nuannuan accompany me all the time." Su Yuncheng replied politely: "It should be." Ji Xin: "After some time, I will let her return home." Su Yuncheng: "Good." — Time flashed to the fourth day of February, during which Su ran ran called, she and Meng Yanning's wedding date set on the sixth day. Ji Xin's legs are much better, and occasionally she can walk down with crutches. Ji Nuannuan told the servant clearly about the matters needing attention, did not tell Su Yuncheng in advance, and returned home directly.  Su ran ran was pregnant, and it was the early stage of pregnancy. In order to take care of the pregnant woman's rest, the place of reception did not change, so it was set in Ming Bay. As soon as the three women met, they always had endless topics to talk about, and Mi Yueyue said a lot. Ji Nuannuan handed them the gifts he brought from France. Mi Yueyue hugged last season's warm neck, "Thank you for being warm." Su Ranran: "How is aunt?" Ji Nuannuan: "It's much better,automated warehouse systems, and it should be able to recover in two months." "Thank God." Su ran said, "now you can finally feel at ease." Ji Nuannuan and her aunt Ji Xin's feelings Su Ranran understand, deeper than the feelings of mother and daughter. kingmoreracking.com