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Legend of Star Peak _ I Eat Tomatoes _ txt Novel Paradise Private

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The three blue bracelets are the three evil emperors who were killed, the evil emperor of wind and thunder, and the evil emperor of shooting the sun. You can know from the skills they have. Ha ha, two million magic crystals, four stars! Zhang Xingfeng is really too excited at this time, this Pangu Master is really generous ah! This knife? Zhang Xingfeng looked at this knife, the brain emerged in the wind and thunder demon emperor's wind and thunder knife formula, the heart moved,stainless steel welded pipe, the divine consciousness immediately invaded it, a strong thunder strength in which faint shock. Is this the sword of killing thunder? Zhang Xingfeng suddenly began to get excited, a thunder attribute artifact but he has been looking forward to, as Zhang Xingfeng's favorite work, a thunder attribute artifact can send out powerful energy! Now the'yuanji of Life 'has been given to Fengyuyan by Zhang Xingfeng, and the'Yinyang Mountain' has been given to Xiaolong. Zhang Xingfeng suddenly smiled: "I only know the first three forms, but I don't know the last four forms at all. How much power can I exert?"? Forget it,304 Stainless Steel Wire, this'kill thunder God knife 'or wait for the wolf front sword baby, give him, when the time comes, the wolf front is in need of a weapon! Now Zhang Xingfeng has been booked to Wolf Feng, and now Zhang Xingfeng has only soft gold and the bow of shooting the sun! Zhang Xingfeng felt a burst of joy at the thought of the archery bow, a top artifact with the fire attribute of'divine fire crystal nucleus'. Zhang Xingfeng said with a smile. Xiaolong stretched out his hand to take it and accepted the blue bracelet. He looked at Zhang Xingfeng. Xiaolong said, "Second Brother, this magic crystal roars that Elder Ben can't use it up. But Second Brother, brushed stainless steel sheet ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, do you have the heart to let Elder Ben eat these crystals all the time?"? The inner alchemy "Xiaolong blinked pitifully and said to Zhang Xingfeng.". You said that a man over two meters showed this expression. What kind of scene was it? But Zhang Xingfeng felt a little headache. He nodded and said, "Well, don't worry. Wait until you have completely absorbed the inner alchemy in your body. Let's talk about it then!" "Well, come with me. A hundred years ago, I was insulted by a sect of people here. Now, come with me to see them.  In the holy city is nothing, and drive the clouds to show strength, drive the clouds far more difficult than drive the flying sword! In this place of the Holy City, to achieve the power needed to control the clouds is to reach the period of plunder! Jing Xingfeng suddenly smiled and said, "If there are three people in the holy city, one on foot, one with a flying sword, and one with a cloud.". What do you think others will save for these three people? Zhang Xingfeng looked at Yu Yan and asked them with a smile that seemed mysterious. Le Yue said with a smile,304 stainless steel wire, "It goes without saying that the cultivator who controls the clouds is a real master, and the one who controls the flying sword is also more powerful.". Those who walk are ordinary practitioners! "This elder also agrees with the second brother to ask such a simple question. Doesn't he despise the wisdom of this elder?" Xiaolong opened his mouth wide and said, looking very disapproving. sxthsteel.com