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King of Shanghai Private

1 month ago Fashion, Home & Garden Bayside   28 views

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Walking along the Suzhou River to the right, she was a little familiar with the city after so many years in Shanghai. She walked through countless streets and alleys, and was more familiar with the corners of this huge city than her own hometown. Heading south into a flower-scented lane, the moon peeped out of the clouds and laid a lot of light on the flagstone road. Late at night, I could hear the clanging of watchmen. Turned into an alley, but someone put up a bamboo bed in front of the house to sleep, snoring. She went out of the alley,massage bathtub manufacturers, and it was another street. White sugar-lotus heart porridge! "Sweet Osmanthus-Mung Bean Soup!" The peddler's cries sounded friendly, and the long sound fell on "sugar" and "flower". As she walked along, a small vendor set up pots and bowls and greeted her warmly. She was a little hungry and asked for a bowl of mung bean soup. She has always felt that mung bean soup is the most delicious, which makes her heart and spleen more comfortable than any delicacies. Half an hour later, she went to the top of a lane and knocked on the door of a house there. Li Yu said, "Miss, why are you back?"? It's so late. "He has something to do." Xiao Yuegui said. This is a house with pavilions for Shanghai residents to live in. It has three floors in total. Ruyiban rented two floors and four rooms in total. Only Xiao Yuegui herself had one room,outdoor whirlpool, and the other three men and women lived separately. Walking into the door is a public kitchen with an iron pot and a bamboo lid on the stove. They went through the kitchen, up the narrow dark stairs one behind the other, turned and turned, turned and turned, up to the third floor, and went straight into her room. Inside is small, very clean, two bottles of roses on the windowsill, so that the room added a lot of home feeling. It's better to be at home. Xiao Yuegui said and lay down on the bed, Li Yu came over to help her massage her neck and back vertebrae, teasing her, saying that if she couldn't sleep, she would go to find a man to serve her. No, I left on purpose. Xiao Yuegui said, jacuzzi swim spa ,whirlpool hot tub, "Think about it, this enthusiasm is still in high spirits, and he can't leave.". I can't do everything for him, and I can't let him drink like his women, or he'll get tired of it right away-if he comes, you'll say I'm not here. At noon the next day, Li Yucai understood what Xiao Yuegui meant. She heard a knock at the door and went downstairs.  Why are your clothes wet and your hair wet? She took off Huang Peiyu's coat, dried his hair with a towel, pushed him down on the bed and covered him with a quilt. He couldn't get rid of Xiao Yuegui in his heart. When he got to the hotel, Xiao Yuegui was not there, so he went to the Ministry of Public Works to work, and then he found here. There was a drizzle on the road and I was caught in the rain. I couldn't sleep alone last night, so I came back. I should have waited for you. Xiao Yuegui apologized to him. On second thought, I'm afraid he wanted to know if she was alone in bed, either in the hotel or in her own room, and perhaps to make a surprise attack. The man seemed very suspicious and never trusted anyone. Xiao Yuegui felt that something was wrong with him, and then he thought that he might be really uncomfortable, and when he touched his forehead, he seemed to have a fever. Do you have a headache?  Chapter 9 Since she lived in a small villa at 54 Kangnaotuo Street, it seems that autumn and winter are very short, so short that time flies, almost directly from the end of autumn to the spring of the next year,5 person hot tub, without any memory. This is good, can only show that she is in a good mood, everything is going as she hopes. monalisa.com