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Jinping Ji 360 Private

1 month ago Fashion, Home & Garden Baytown   25 views

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The matter of picking celery let her know the attitude of Mrs. Qi. She turned her eyes to the butterfly beside Mrs. Qi. They were all of the same age and were all in the same house. She knew the butterfly's mind for a long time. Inadvertently reveal some information, and then fan the wind. She did it successfully, but Caidie failed. She was not discouraged, she saw the flaw of Xun Qing Ran. Xun Qing Ran is obviously soft-hearted, and as a new daughter-in-law,mirror stainless steel sheet, attaches great importance to the reputation of the virtuous. Xiangxiu's provocation and frivolity, let her abacus hit Xiangxiu this Xun Qing dye accompany room wench's body. Even God helped her, and Mrs. Qi made a move. She smelled the opportunity and encouraged Xiangxiu, but Xiangxiu was taken in and seduced Qi You. She actually hoped that Xiangxiu would succeed, and if Xiangxiu could be accepted, she would be more qualified. Even if Xun Qing Ran in order to balance, and then receive one, she does not mind doing that chess piece, she believes she will be the last one to survive. Originally her plan,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, Xiang Xiu was rejected by Qi You, which swept Xun Qing's face, and there was a rift between husband and wife. Or Xiangxiu was taken in the room, and Qi You will mention the name when the love is strong, and then be rejected by Qi You. And at that time, she should have become Qi You's woman. Qi blossomed and bore fruit. Mrs. Qi gave her a surprise. Everything in the past is just a few words, even if it is known, it is not evidence. Besides, that was what she said to those people, and she had no responsibility for what those people were going to do. Now, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, she is only one step away from the position she yearns for, and of course she has to be more careful. In this clothing, naturally there is no flaw, she is not afraid of people to see, but also afraid of Xun Qing dyeing not to send people to see, is she asked Xiaoding to take the words, also in the middle of the rules. Xiaoding took the silver from the citron and went out of the corner gate of Qi Fu. Not far away, he was stopped at the corner.  Xun Qing ran a look at the citron, "first to the city to settle down." Qi You's motorcade is divided into three parts. Tang Younian with some QinBing, staff walk in the front. Xun Qing dye and personal wenches in the middle of the carriage, is qi you personally in the side guard, followed by pulling luggage, furniture and other things in the carriage, and licorice with servants, QinBing guard, rear. Xun Qing ran the carriage in the middle of the motorcade,304 Stainless Steel Coil, and it was not good to stop on the road and delay the vehicles behind. Xun Qing Ran asked the citron again, "Why is your brother here? Do you know what it is?" Citron shook her head, and she felt a little uneasy. sxthsteel.com