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Infinite Final Demon _ Night of Nothing _ txt Novel Paradise Private

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 In fact, he really caught the falling flame whip as if it had reversed the cause and effect over a distance of hundreds of meters, tightly locked the wrist of the magic man holding the sword that he had not had time to avoid, just as the Balrog pulled the fire whip almost wildly, pulling the other side directly into the blazing white flame burning beside him, and wanted to enjoy the pain of the enemy in the flame. What he saw was an empty void, just staring at his eyes as if his emotions and motivation had disappeared,outdoor spa manufacturers, and a sarcasm that made him feel stunned for a moment but had no time to react. “…… Idiot, you talk too much. An instant, a flash of light. When the deadly premonition suddenly appeared in the Balrog, he saw an amazing scene that he could hardly believe. At this moment, the magic man with a dark sword shook like a reflection on the water. In the next moment, it was divided into three parts,outdoor whirlpool tub, from one to the same three. But in this moment, the Balrog knew from the dark that it was definitely not an illusory mirror image. Multiple existence.. The advanced use of the power of time is now blooming again. From the middle straight into the chest of the thrust, the left shoulder has been split down to the flank of the straight chop, the right hip directly torn to the waist of the split. The triple attack launched at exactly the same moment was absolutely unavoidable, but the Forbidden Sword of Liberation did not directly destroy the "life" of the Balrog, and the conditions for it to achieve "seckill" were too harsh. It caught the flaw left by his release of the original flame, and the three swords destroyed the three key "eyes" of his flame body respectively. Let his body be broken again and even the color has changed. Before that, the Balrog had always been wrapped in a strong flame, even when he was hit by the sword of victory, it was only dim, but the moment he was hit by the three swords, the flame on his body really disappeared. The sea of fire around him was still there, endless swimming pool ,4 person jacuzzi, but the flame on the surface of his body was gone, and it was not until this time that the shape of the ancient demon itself could be seen, from the curved horns to the spread of the demon's wings, like a red-hot bronze demon sculpture, but the three huge scars on the sculpture would almost have been completely shattered. And the wound was so pure and so deep that even the blood of the magma did not flow out at all. It's just that even if the Balrog has been killed, it doesn't mean that the danger is over. Burn and explode.. Clearly aware of the irreversible demise of his body, the Balrog let out a desperate roar, and the body, which had been fragmented like a red-hot bronze statue, suddenly began to heat up, from dark red to golden yellow, and then from golden yellow to incandescent white, all the remaining energy in the body gathered at this moment. In less than a moment, his whole body emitted an incomparably dazzling flash of light, which was about to turn into a huge explosion as incomparable as a nuclear explosion, absolutely able to make his enemies pay a high price and even go to the afterlife together, and enough to make the Moria Mine inside the Kalanras Mountains collapse into ruins! But at this critical moment, a voice sounded faintly in the void. If I let you explode,Whirlpool bathtub, it will bother me very much. Bastard The next moment, like the blink of a meteor, the light that eclipsed the sun in the sky suddenly disappeared. monalisa.com